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Colombo Tex tiles, which is a giant among the megaplayers of the fashion industry in Sri Lanka, grandly celebrated its 25th Anniversary on 12th of September 2019, at the Shangrila Hotel, Colombo.

The most important event of this occasion is, to pay tribute to the brotherhood community, who gave the helping hand to rise above the world of fashion industry, by offering high quality modern styles for 25 consecutive years.
In 1994, it was a tiny sapling and now it has grown up as a huge tree, which provides a great service to the Sri Lankan community.

Colombo Textiles is mainly working on designing Men’s shirt with using new technology and high quality materials, which are fit to Sri Lankan climate, as we consider so much about the physical wellness of our customers.
PERRI ALLEN and ALFIERI, Denzo and ALEIERI are the three main brands, which make us closer to our customers. We are very pleased to say that Ferry Allen is very popular among the young customers of Sri Lanka.

Concurrent with the 25th anniversary, we held a fashion show with 25 popular modellers in PERRI ALLEN and ALFIERI branded shirts.

And 7 more ranges of shirts were introduced in this fashion show and they won the attraction of the gathering.
Here, the Chairman Mr. Samarakody said:

You will realize that 25 years is a big time in a business world. For the past 25 years, the staff of the Colombo Textile Company have seen this business grow, have been very supportive and have stayed with me up to this day.I have always believed that the hardships of life are the challenges that we face. As a businessman, I have faced so many challenges and won them because of the support and strength that my wife and children have provided for me.

In my last 25 years as a businessman, I have learned that in order to win life, there must be challenges, and with the help of self-motivation and dedication, you can overcome them.

As a local businessman I have always tried to give my customers in my country beautiful and high quality designs by traveling to many countries and recognizing the quality of the garments of those countries. That is the result of my efforts and the success of my life today.

It is also necessary to have a creative and efficient workforce to promote a business. Such talented people have helped me bring this business so far. The latest name in my line of clothing designs is the 'PERRI ALLEN and ALFIERI' brand. We are currently introducing a wide range of luxury fashion designs under this brand and we have already created relevant advertisements.

So, as a local businessman, I and my staff are ready to work diligently to create the finest clothing that meets the needs of my closest business owners. We promise them that in the last 25 years, we will continue the trust and confidence of our customers, and to fulfill their desires with our creations.


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