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Identifying the real enemy beyond the Diaspora

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CHOGM 2013-a perfectly organised event, came to a successful conclusion albeit overshadowed by focus on alleged human rights violations by the host nation.
Prince Charles- representing the Queen, the head of CHOGM- chose to be a friend who has visited this country more than once, like his royal mother and father. He acted not like a prince but a King.

 His Prime Minister however, chose to act like a twerp and bounder, with a Billy Bunter like appetite for the spotlight, ignoring the reason he was here for. According to the media, he visited a newspaper press, played cricket with Muttiah Muralidaran and held a unilateral press conference, to which the local press was denied access. He made threats and demands while in Sri Lanka, making international news that overshadowed the CHOGM.

 A predecessor of his ~ Tony Blair ~ has found post-Prime Ministerial employment ~ dabbling in the Middle East. Another predecessor, Gordon Brown, has found work ~ among other things ~ promoting the now famous Malala, the Pakistani teenager shot in the head. One assumes that likewise Cameron is looking past his temporary position of Prime Minister, for employment.

 Cameron who arrived in Sri Lanka after a visit to India, must find rising Asia a powerful factor. Is employment in this region then, of interest to him?

Has he found a sponsor? Is this his motivation? The nexus between Rupert Murdoch’s media and himself was scandalously established when, among other things, it came out that he signed off to a female executive there with “L.O.L.” ~Lots of Love! Being the British Prime Minister, indeed!

Tony Blair’s links with Murdoch were also established. Murdoch’s Fox News makes no bones about being blatantly Republican in the United States of America.  But is this current Prime Minister acting on his own or is there a much more sinister and extremely dangerous aspect lurking in the background of the international media manipulation at CHOGAM?

 Sri Lanka ~ Ceylon ~ Serendib ~ Taprobane ~ in its millennia long history, if one is truly objective, has had its marauders and invaders coming from the shores closest to the Island. The 450 years of European invasion tends to mask this. The closest shore hosted a multitude of Kingdoms in the subcontinent unified only centuries ago by the British.

 This unified India while gaining independence and subsequently, has divided itself twice with much bloodshed into Pakistan and then again Bangladesh. Thus positioned, Sri Lanka may not have yet a proper take on this our closest neighbour.  

 Like in England, a vibrant democracy may not necessarily be as transparent as it seems to its vociferous population. Like England’s downturn in GDP growth and rampant unemployment   are presently indisputable facts. Meanwhile, England’s melting pot of ethnic and religious groups are becoming a cauldron at boiling point.India is endeavouring to keep a seeming overall social balance. Both, however, share great illusions of grandeur, one from a lost empire and having to be subject to the leadership of a German woman ~ a former communist to boot ~ Angela Merkel in the E.U.

India hopes to be a future super power by expansion of its nuclear capabilities, space programmes and aircraft carriers while half its population is malnourished, and poverty is at the highest levels in the world. Its society seriously discriminates against women like in no other land.  Also, its per-capita income is less than Sri Lanka’s.
 On the flip side, China, a historical friend for millennia, the country which is confidently moving towards being the No. 1 economy in the world, is introducing reforms even now to stabilise its society and people.

Each successive Sri Lankan government has maintained very cordial relations with China ruled by the same communist party almost since our independence and democratic journey.

The present Rajapaksa government has strengthened these ties. One of the highest G.D.P. growths in the world and one of the lowest unemployment rates have been the result of such policies of the Rajapaksa government.

 Is the very development of Sri Lanka a subject of concern, and a reason to destabilise this country?

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by a Sri Lankan terrorist group on Indian soil. What is the link? Are there vested interests by the Congress and other governments far beyond than what one sees? Is the dog wagging the tail or the tail directing dog? It appears that the Tamil Nadu political structure, the LTTE and the Diaspora ~ are the tails that direct India to try and destabilise the forward looking neighbor, Sri Lanka,

 Far fetched? But why does mighty India not get on with any of its neighbours? Why did they, only a short while ago, shelter in its embassy a Maldivian Ex-president evading a court order who has incidentally just recently lost an election?

This is only an example of high handed big brotherliness. Wars have been fought with two neighbours whose nuclear armaments have probably stopped further wars.
 The utterly high handed food drop, agreement with the LTTE and occupation by the IPKF were forced upon one of Sri Lanka’s strongest reformers J.R. Jayewardene. The 13th Amendment thus elicited under duress, a subject of pressure on our other strong reformer and current President, Mahinda Rajapaksa. In a small country like Sri Lanka police and land powers cannot be divested. If so all nine provinces need to do so. India pretends our provinces are states and must therefore have similar powers. The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh alone has 10 times Sri Lanka’s population. In any event what business of India is this?

 The constant target of the Diaspora, the LTTE rump organisations and interested Tamil Nadu politicians seem to be President Rajapaksa and his family. This, after a whole generation of political leaders of all parties, including Tamils and a President, were brutally eliminated by terrorists.

Elimination of vibrant and strong leadership seemed the real goal of the LTTE and the Diaspora. Did Mrs. Indira Gandhi allow or promote the original LTTE training camps in India?  Was M G Ramachandran,  late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, mentor of the current Chief Minister Jayalalitha, not Sri Lankan born?

 Are we a nation manipulated to go against each other by external interests? Sinhalese and Tamils had a crisis for decades. Were we the pawns ~ all of us ~ in this emerald Isle?  Was S W R D Bandaranaike, another great reformer, who broke class barriers in the country and caste barriers among Sinhala and slain by a Buddhist monk, another pawn of a foreign hand?  No-one stopped to consider.

 We blame our own in the Diaspora, Prime Ministerial pawns of Canada, U.K. or Mauritius. But is there the hidden hand which sets in motion ~ as in CHOGAM ~ with high profile non attendance, while the lackey Prime Minister of another country probably looking for further favours and disruptions?

Our main opposition party led by a basically honest man after elimination of many of its leaders by assassination constantly is in trouble and in danger of imploding.
Are we a nation under terrible siege from an old enemy of millennia compounded into one in the last century? Our children, our people are already scattered. Let us try to see, to understand and together confront the real enemy not merely the apparent, especially our own ~ the Diaspora

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