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Purposeful bicycle rides will take place all over Sri Lanka on Friday, December 11 with individual rides being published on social media platforms.    This is an effort to promote Bike to Work among the public, to promote health, reduce congestion, and travel costs too. Cycling has been recognised globally as an ideal and the best mode of urban mobility minimising environmental pollution by way of various interconnected benefits. 

Furthermore, cycling has been recognised as a great mode of mobility preventing transmission and complications of COVID-19.    Action is to happen island-wide with RFL members and the public bicycling on usual routes from  wherever they are for work, utility or study purposes. Several celebrities including Ambassador for the Netherlands will join the event by travelling to their daily places work by bicycle.  To participate, cyclists must take a picture of their ride (ideally between 6.00 am and 8.00 am on Friday 11) and upload them on social media platforms (FB, Instagram, Twitter etc) with the tag #rideforlifesrilanka .  The programme will be continued on any day (start on Fridays) as a bike to work day, where participants keep cycling and posted on social media with the hashtag.  Ride For Life Sri Lanka (RFL) is a group dedicated to promoting cycling as a prime mode of transport. RFL has taken various initiatives to promote cycling and lobby with the Government and private  institutions facilitating cycling infrastructure in Sri Lanka.  

Ride For Life - Sri Lanka Media contact: 
Asela Abeydeera  Telephone: 077 291 4060  e-mail: [email protected]


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