How to improve our Living?

Today (10th) is World Mental Health Day. Happiness, joy, laughter and merriment.  Are you enjoying these aspects of your life? Ideally speaking we should practise these aspects daily to enjoy our life. But after reading the above most of you would have realised that these have eluded you a long time back.

Why? And what are the reasons? How could you continue to have happiness again? Will the forthcoming election results provide us with the hope to enjoy our lives again as we have suffered immensely over a decade with terrorist attacks, corruption, escalated cost of living, poverty, low salaries and poor income. Other factors include debts, including foreign debts, high interest rates charged from customers by the financial institutions, discrimination, inhuman acts, unruly behaviour, unemployment, escalated health costs, high prevalence of mortality and morbidity of the patients suffering from various illnesses, high cost of hospital treatment, high fees levied from parents by the schools.

Strikes, lowered standards in the economy, health, education, sports, culture, transport services, decreased productivity,  which have affected the ordinary citizens.  We need to think wisely when casting our vote to elect the next national leader to regain the lost paradise.

We must thoroughly read, listen and evaluate the election manifestos made by the key Presidential candidates. Then consider their previous achievements which are the most critical factors in deciding the appropriate leader. 

Ours is predominantly a Buddhist Country which advocates Ahimsa.  So, we have got another golden opportunity to have a leader with the quality of Ahimsa, besides able statesmanship.
The need of the hour is to elect an able statesman.

Mental health is the level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness. It is the state of someone who is “functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustments.

Whilst the next President should ensure sound mental health among our citizens besides providing positive results on the factors affecting the ordinary citizens, we have to act responsibly as good citizens.

Further, the need of the hour is to have a “Positive Attitude”. We need to think positive. This may not be possible all the time. However, if you learn the correct skills you could master the ability of being a positive personality.

Negative thinking and negative attitude affects productivity. Why do we need to think positive? Because it gives and radiates energy, it helps you to be happy, to attract many people including friends and improves your personality.

Positive thinking helps the employer in many ways. It improves productivity,  fosters teamwork, lowers absenteeism and improves company profits.  It helps to build a happy Society. Most of you might be thinking that you do not want to be unhappy or to have problems. This predominantly is neutral and not equivalent to happiness. This may be due to the hardships you have faced in the recent past.  First have an affirmation statement for you. I would like to recommend the affirmative statements given by the great respected Abdul Kalam for the benefit of our readers.

Speak five lines to your self every morning;

  •  I am the best
  •  I can do it.
  •  God is always with me
  •  I am a winner
  •  Today is my day.

In my experience, anything practised for 21 consecutive days becomes a habit.

Should you need to be a Positive Personality who wants to attract success, happiness, joy, good health and long life, practise these affirmations and lead a meaningful and joyful life. 
This would improve your mental health besides your physical and spiritual health.

Let us prepare to see a New Sri Lanka.

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