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The Communist party of China (CPC) was founded in Shanghai on July 1, 1921, with just 50 members and has grown to 93 million members with 4.5 million branches throughout China. The CPC is the world’s largest political organization, with a history approaching 100 years and will commemorate its 100th anniversary mid this year.

The leaders of China who assumed office after the People’s Republic of China was established in 1949, formulated  policies for the well-being of its people. As accepted and appreciated by modern Chinese leaders, the future emergence of Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the outcome of the combination of the concepts of Mao Zedong and the theories of Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping’s thoughts.

In March 2018, President Xi Jinping called on all state personnel to put the people first, serve them wholeheartedly and work hard with the people’s interests and happiness in mind. 

As a result of a strong leadership, China’s economy developed during the past several decades to become the second largest economic power in the world. Owning the world’s biggest share of foreign currency resources it has contributed more than 30 per cent towards world economic growth.

China made into history as the first to land a spacecraft,“Chang’e 04”,on the far side of the moon on 03rd of January 2019 and “Chang’e 05” landed and gathered rocks and soil successfully in last December.That is the country’s one of the greatest achievements in science and technology.

People have begun to value CPC’s new concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind,under the leadership of PresidentXi Jinping.According to this vision, that all world resources should be equally shared among all of humanity. CPC shows its wants to work with the international community to build an open, inclusive,clean and beautiful world with lasting peace,universal security and common prosperity.

In 2013 CPC introduced the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Under this scheme not only China but several countries had benefited. Last year the CPC played a strong leadership role to fight against Covid-19 pandemic. Wewere astonished and amazed by how they built up two new hospitals in Wuhan within several daysas part of China’s efforts to fight the coronavirus.CPC saved 1.4 Billion Chinese people from Covid-19. China was the first to contain the unprecedented Covid19 pandemic, minimizing the threat and harm to people’s lives and health.It also leads the world to restore economic growth.These testify to the CPC’s strength, greatness and true care for the people.


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