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Automobile Association of Ceylon (AAC) in collaboration with the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) Region II has organized a Conference on Road  Safety is held in Sri Lanka from 18th to 20th September at the Hilton Colombo.
The FIA’s  Action for Road Safety is a global campaign in keeping with the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety Vision 2011- 2020, focusing on the federation’s resources on helping its member organisations around the globe to educate and advocate for safer roads, vehicles and behaviours.and reduce road accident injuries and fatalities.  
The FIA has a long and distinguished history in promoting road safety. For many years the Federation has lobbied for improved legislation, infrastructure and vehicle safety technologies on an international scale.,and this conference  provides an opportunity for the FIA to build stronger strategic partnerships and build a greater understanding and share best practices regarding Road safety initiatives and Club and membership programs conducted by the other clubs 
in the region.
Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau is partnering with the AAC in order to bring awareness to this issue of Road Safety and also promote and unite people through this event and boost the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.
Delegates from 17 countries - France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Myanmar, South Korea and Pakistan from the Asia Pacific Region will be participating in the conference.
Amongst the distinguished delegates who are participating in this conference are  
Takayoshi Yashiro-President of Region 2 and President Japan Automobile Federation(JAF) Lin Po Heng, President CTAF-Taiwan Tunku Mudzaffar, President of the Automobile Association of Malaysia Peter Joyce-President, Australian Automobile Association Bernard Tay-President –Automobile Association of Singapore, Trevor Follows-President-Automobile Association of New Zealand, T.K Malhotra-President AAUI and T.D Sadasivam-President FIAA.
There are also senior representatives from these clubs who will participate 
as well.
Renowned speakers viz . Roland Berger  a leading global strategy consultancy firm will conduct a workshop on “Vision 2030”, Karala Gonzalez Carvajl on “Transport System in South East Asia”, Greig Craft Founder and President of AIP Foundation Vietnam on “Asian Injury Prevention”, Lakshman Weerasena on “Cost of Post Trauma Care and Cost to Insurers”, Charitha Waidyaratne CEO of Shift Solutions on “What is Virtual Reality and what are the Implications of this technology as a new medium of communication”.
The AAC is hosting this international event for the first time in Sri Lanka.

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