WEOG calls for resolution on SL with stronger wordings

The WEOG (Western Europe and Other Group), during the latest informal consultations during the UNHRC sessions, has called for further strengthening the language of certain paragraphs of the resolution on Sri Lanka, Daily Mirror learns.

UK calls for broad framework for advancing human rights

Informal consultations with the participation of the countries concerned took place on March 1 and 2.The United Kingdom (UK) which leads the core group of the countries, called for these events. among the WEOG countries that participated are Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Liechtenstein and the United States. It is learnt that these countries took a coordinated position in asking for strengthening wordings of some paragraphs of the draft resolution. The United States is reported to have asked for the inclusion of word ‘extradition’ in the operative paragraph 14 which calls for prosecution of those responsible for alleged crimes. However, China strongly raised objection to it.

In addition to China, eight other countries including Russia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Cuba, Venezuela, Egypt and Belarus stood for the Sri Lankan Government’s position during these sessions in making general comments on the resolution and remarks under specific paragraphs of it.(KELUM BANDARA)

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