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Jalani Premadasa, the wife of Sajith Premadasa on Saturday addressing and event said that she appeared before them as the first lady of future leader of the country.

The first Women's Conference of the ‘Jathika Maha Sabha’ in Hatton was held at the D.K.W. Cultural Hall in Hatton on Saturday under the patronage of Mrs Premadasa.

“I know that you would have to face to many problems, if all of you do not own a land. Even though I cannot give you a quick solution to this, I urge you that I have come in front of you as the first lady of the future leader Sajith Premadasa, who has expectations in your heart,” she said.

“Although Minister Sajith Premadasa was unable to attend the event he and I are dedicated to serve the public and do a great service to the poor and the needy,” she said.

She said Sajith Premadasa was a leader who had not confined to the Minister post or to Colombo.
“I promise that he would give a solution to your land issues,” she said.(Ranjith Rajapaksha)



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