Moulavi arrested with CDs containing extremist sermons

A Moulavi has been arrested with several CDs containing extremist sermons during a raid by the STF at a house at Nawala in Rajagiriya.

The STF also seized a mobile phone and several photographs of St. Anthony's church in Kochchikade along with the suspect.

Investigations revealed that the Moulavi who had been at a mosque in Nawala area was sacked from the mosque two months ago as due to extremist preachings to the Muslims.

It was reported that the suspect had rented a house in the area and reportedly conducted extremist sermons.

Meanwhile, the Police recovered two swords and 16 knives from another public well in the Maligawatte area yesterday.

On Wednesday, at least 46 swords, a pistol and kris knives were found inside the well adjacent to the R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium in Maligawatte when weapons were wrapped in a fertilizer bag. The police yesterday recovered six more knives and several rounds of air pistol ammunition from the bottom of the same well.

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