Beware of Parvo viral diarrhoea spreading among pets: Vet expert

An infectious disease called 'Parvo viral diarrhoea' is spreading among pet animals these days, Athurugiriya City Pet Animal Hospital Director Dr. Sugath Pemachandra said.

He told the Daily Mirror that symptoms include greenish stools, white liquidised  vomit, abdominal discomforts and bloody diarrhoeal bowel movements.

"The vomiting usually begins first. Parvo may affect pet animals of all ages, but is most common in unvaccinated dogs less than one year of age," he said.

"There is no special treatment to kill the virus once it infects the dogs. However, the virus does not directly cause death; rather, it causes loss of the lining of the intestinal tract and destroys blood cell elements. As the result, the dog is highly likely to die," the Veterinary Doctor said.

However, there is a vaccine to increase the immunization of pet animals, he said.

"The Parvo vaccine should be administered to every pet animal within the first six weeks and the same should be repeated in the eighth week. The third Pawo vaccine should be given in three months and the fourth within four months," Dr. Pemachandra said.

After completing Pawo vaccinal course, it will provide resistance against infection, he added. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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