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Human Hand – Trailblazer of Human Civilization – Part 23



We have already discussed the Mounts on the hand and the markings on them. While explaining the location and significance of the Mounts and markings, we had occasion to make an occasional reference to the main lines in particular on the palm on the assumption the reader has a rudimentary knowledge of such lines.

Now let us discuss the lines on the hand in general as an introduction to a comprehensive discussion of each line separately.

Some skeptics say that the lines on the palm are mere creases formed due to the constant folding of the hand. But a careful inspection of the palm would give the lie to this contention.

Hand, a versatile servant of the brain
A marvelous masterpiece of nature, the hand is a versatile servant of the brain. It serves a dual purpose doing the bidding of the brain in a physical sense’ and representing the flow and ebb of the life force through its map featuring lines, mounts and markings.

The brain, tool of one’s Karmic force registers its messages in the form of lines and signs on the palm. Sages of ancient India aided by the vast knowledge divined or acquired through research have interpreted these mysterious messages and thus a body of occult science called Palmistry had come into being.


Slightest happening in life imprinted on palm
The slightest happening in our life is imprinted on our palm and the thinnest line on it has its own significance, says well known Indian Palmist Narayan Dutt Shrimali.


Seven main lines and 12 complementary lines
There are seven main lines and about 12 complementary lines on the palm.

An experimental study of a number of hands would show there are hands with lines approximating those shown in the diagram. Yet there is a variation in the positions of such lines while in some cases, certain lines are entirely absent, and in others some lines are marked with defects.


No two hands are alike
In fact, no two hands are alike, not even one’s two hands. This account for the adage, “many men, many minds,” says leading palmist Psycho. The clear, deep and long lines on a palm signify success. The broken, thin lines represent handicaps in life. However, even the transient lines on the hand carry some significance which cannot be ignored.


The seven main lines are:
1. Life line
2. Head line
3. Heart line
4. Line of the Sun or Apollo
5. Line of fate.
6. Health line 
7. Marriage or love line
Secondary or complementary 
lines are: 
1. Ring of Jupiter
2. Line of Mars
3. Ring of Saturn
4. Ring of Apollo
5. Ring or Girdle of Venus
6. Ring of Moon or Luna
7. Line of brilliance
8. Journey lines
9. Children lines
10. Bracelets or Rascette
11. Casual lines
12. High post lines


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