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Berlin, (Hindustan Times), 9 July 2019 -  The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Monday published a study on homicides which states that people killed in homicides across the world are five times higher than those killed in armed conflicts and that the organised crime is responsible for 19% of homicides.  

“On the basis of its comprehensive Homicide Statistics 2018 data set, which draws on a number of new and improved sources, UNODC estimates that a total of 4,64,000 deaths were caused by intentional homicide worldwide in 2017. The largest share (37%) was registered in the Americas, closely followed by Africa, which accounted for just over a third (35%) of the total. Despite its large population, Asia accounted for less than a quarter of the total (23%), while Europe (4.7%) and Oceania (0.2%) accounted for by far the smallest shares,” the study stated.  

In comparison, number of people killed in armed conflict during the same period are 89,000. 


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