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Credit cards have now become a global phenomenon, with many opting to use a credit card instead of cash due to the absolute convenience and benefits it offers. 
However, being dependent on credit transactions alone also leads to many credit card users finding themselves pressured by settling outstanding balances. Identifying this need and offering an efficient banking solution, SampathCards – the responsible choice introduced the Card Balance Transfer facility (CBT). 
This unique avenue enables credit cardholders to consolidate their outstanding credit card balance with low interest rates whilst enjoying significant savings. As a special promotion, SampathCards is offering its customers a 3 month repayment plan with an absolute 0 percent interest valid till the 31st of March 2017. Additionally, this facility provides unique repayment schemes to suit diverse requirements of credit cardholders with monthly installment plans of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months offering lower interest rates starting from 1.25 percent per month.
Credit Cardholders from any other bank can transfer their outstanding credit card balances to a Sampath Credit Card subject to the available balance with a minimum transfer amount of Rs.25, 000. Existing Sampath Cardholders will be liable to a handling fee as low as Rs.1000 with no other charges levied throughout the period.
In addition to the Card Balance Transfer facility, SampathCards offers a host of key benefits, each catering to an array of customer needs. Being  the only bank in the country to issue all Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit card categories, SampathCards continues to offer the best and exclusive deals all year round, charging only 4 charges compared to as many as 28 charges by other cards and zero fuel surcharge. Additionally, cardholders are also allowed to select their preferred billing date as well as their supplementary card limit.
To avail from Sampath Bank’s Card Balance Transfer (CBT) facility, customers can apply for the service via Short Message Service (SMS) by texting ‘YES’ to 072 2 30 30 70, by submitting the downloadable application or by visiting any Sampath 
Bank branch.


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