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Auxenta Inc., an innovative software and QA engineering services and technology product consulting company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, with operations in Colombo, has entered into a partnership with the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) as ‘Innovation Partner’ for the National IT Conference 2017.

Prasath Nanayakkara, Founder/CEO of Auxenta, stated that “The National IT Conference partnering this broadly with the world is an immense opportunity for the Sri Lankan ICT sector. Auxenta is excited to be a part of this event. This is an excellent pedestal for leaders in IT to come together, share ideas, learn and collaborate and more importantly to put Sri Lanka on the global ICT map”.

Established in 1976, CSSL is a professional association dedicated to promoting ICT amongst organizations and individuals in the field of Information and Communication Technology. The association unites ICT professionals from across the country and advocates a common vision of over fifty thousand entities extending from academics and ICT specialists to professionals in various industries and affiliates of the business community. 

The annual NITC is organized by the CSSL and is the front runner in Information Communication Technology (ICT) conferences held in Sri Lanka. Since 1982, the NITC has involved ICT experts, technology specialists, and business owners in both private and public sectors and have united key decision makers locally and internationally. 

The NITC is the only national event that brings together a large number of ICT professionals in Sri Lanka and marks its 35th anniversary this year, recording it as Sri Lanka’s largest international ICT event in history.  

The event will run in partnership with South East Asian Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) Conference, IFIP Annual Global General Assembly, and is anticipated to be this year’s most influential ICT event worldwide. It will feature over 25 leading international speakers sharing their knowledge. The event will attract representatives from nearly 50 countries.

Being the reigning champions of the title ‘Best Startup of the Year’ at last year’s CSSL awards, Auxenta is a firm believer of creating solutions that play on creativity and innovation. They recently opened an office space dedicated to product innovation, one of which is to be launched soon–Million Spaces. 

Million Spaces is a marketplace which matches a guest and a host for booking spaces for parties, meetings, sporting activities, and many more popular types of events. 

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