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Finco Green Energy Solutions General Manager Sales Roshane Perera 
Being the pioneers in solar Finco Green Energy Solutions under the Finco group umbrella has taken another ‘first step’ in solar by introducing the LG NEON2 with the newly developed ‘Cello Technology’, which improves performance and reliability. 
‘Cello’ in definition means – cell connectivity, electrically, low loss, low stress and optical absorption enhancement. Cello Technology improves the absorption of light with circular shaped wires, which scatter light more effectively. Also it reduces the electrical loss by spreading the current with 12 wires. 
Talking to Finco Green Energy Solutions General Manager Sales Roshane Perera we were able to gather 10 important facts as to why the LG NEON2 is the current best solar panel in the market.  

''Cello Technology improves the absorption of light with circular shaped wires, which scatter light more effectively''

1. Warranty for a long-term operation? 
LG provides the enhanced performance warranty for the LG NEON2. The annual degradation has fallen from 0.75/y to 0.6/yr. The new policy ensures the power performance of 83.6 percent at least after 25 years. 

2. Strong against the harsh environment? 
With the Sri Lankan weather pattern, it stands strong in any harsh environment. With the reinforced frame design, LG NEON2 can endure the front load up to 6000 pa and rear load up to 5400 pa. Based on the improved rigidity, LG has extended the product warranty for additional two years adding altogether 12 years.  

3. Better performance on a sunny day? 
It has a better performance on a sunny day as the LG NEON2 generates more power on a sunny day thanks to its improved temperature coefficient.

4. Power generation on a cloudy day? 
Also, the power generation on a cloudy day the LG NEON2 gives good performance due to its low energy reduction in weak sunlight. 

5. Light induced degradation in the first year?
Also, while the conventional p-type modules suffer from LID (Light Induced Degradation) caused by the reaction of Boron and Oxygen over the first year, LG NEON2 uses n-type wafer modules that are rarely affected by it. 

6. More power generation in the same area? 
LG NEON2 is the right solution for home owners who want to get more electricity within a limited roof space. 

7. Constraints from surrounding circumstances? 
The shadow of the trees or any other obstruction restricts the space for installation of the solar system. High-efficiency LG NEON2 makes it easier to build module array on the roof. 

8. Aesthetically matching with the roof?
LG NEON2 has been designed with aesthetics in mind. LG NEON2 with the thinner wires appears black at a distance. The product can increase the value of the property with its modern design. 

9. Efficient space management? 
Compared with the conventional 72-cell multi module, the LG NEO2 achieves higher power output with 60 cells, making it easy to manage space with installing large scale systems. 

10. Balance of system (BOS) saving? 
LG NEON2 can reduce the total number of strings due to its higher efficiency and lower voltage than 72 cell modules. As a result it saves the BOS of the solar power system. 
The Finco group has always shown emphasis on quality and customer care. That is why it always brings the ‘Best Products in the World’ to our customers, backed by the superior after-sales service, said Finco Group Vice President Nishan Weerasooria. 
The LG NEON2 310W panel could be viewed and more information could be taken from the team of Finco Green Energy Solutions, who will be present at the Construction Exhibition 2015 at stall A12 until August 30, 2015.

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