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The United National Party (UNP) yesterday vowed to build a Sri Lankan identity by way of its draft constitution which would help unite all communities in Sri Lanka.

UNP MP Lakshman Kiriella told a news conference supreme power wielded by the executive presidency had stunted the Sri Lankan identity.

He said India had 25 official languages and pointed out that the Indian central government had not suppressed its states unlike what happens in the Sri Lankan provincial council system.  

“The Indian central government has allowed people to demonstrate their culture and values without any hindrance or interference,” he said.

Underscoring the UNP stance on power devolution, Mr. Kiriella said it was the only way to unite all different communities in the country.

He said President J.R. Jayawardena fulfilled his election promises and established the executive presidency but Mahinda Rajapaksa had failed to remove the executive presidency as he had promised to do.

He said the powers of the executive presidency that is devolved through the Provincial Council System and 17th Amendment has returned to haunt the presidency from 2009. Lahiru Pothmulla-DM Online

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