Sub-standard jet fuel not for use on aircraft: Banduwickrema

Refuting claims to the effect that the substandard jet fuel that was imported was to be used on aircraft, Chairman of the Ports Authority Dr. Priyath Banduwickrema said that the fuel that was rejected was imported in order to test the tanks that were constructed at the Hambantota Port and was not for aviation purposes.

“A Chinese contractor who was designated contractually to look into the tanks and its maintenance brought down two thousand liters of jet fuel. This jet fuel was to be used to test the tanks for efficiency and to clean out particles in them. The fuel was not brought to be used commercially,” he said. He further said that they had sent samples for initial testing to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and after they were informed of its inferior quality, the Chinese Contractor had sent it back and called for a new stock.

“This is not a big setback, the fuel which was brought from a Singaporean firm was returned and we have called for a new stock in order to begin the clean up process in the tanks” he said. (Hafeel Farisz)

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