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Video: Students, parents protest Z- score outside UGC


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A large number of parents and students affected by the Z- score muddle staged a protest march to the University Grants Commission (UGC). The protest march brought the heavy afternoon traffic to a complete standstill

Some 1,500 students and parents from various districts were seen shouting slogans against the injustice caused to them by the recently released Z-scores.

Ten students from different districts were invited to discuss their concerns with Secretary to the UGC Sunil Gamini Navaratne a short while ago while the other protesters are remaining outside.

An affected student said they were even prepared to engage in a fast unto death, if a solution is not provided by the authorities.

The protesters shouted slogans against the Ministers and the UGC holding them responsible for the predicament they were facing. ( Nabeela Hussain & Hafeel Farisz)

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  • kvk Friday, 03 August 2012 03:24 AM

    do not delay cut off mark and uni entrance. please! please!! please!!!

    shantha madawela Thursday, 02 August 2012 04:44 PM

    Do they think, will it work?.. Ony a joke....

    Kiris Baba Amaray Thursday, 02 August 2012 05:00 PM

    Exactly correct.

    Bikechain Bubbleband Thursday, 02 August 2012 05:02 PM

    No. until a reasonable solution is done, let the students be on the streets, nothing wrong fighting for the rights.

    nalaka weerakody Thursday, 02 August 2012 05:39 PM

    what is my opinion is Z score is the correct way in selcting students. students who take subjects which are deem to be difficult will stand more chance than students who are sitting for easy subjects and getting AAA

    matta Thursday, 02 August 2012 06:40 PM

    how stupid are you? go check the banners and stuff... the way it is now, the suitable ones will miss out on engineering, medicine while less suited students (with results such as BBB, BBC) will get a 'pina chance' to enter those faculties!!

    matta Thursday, 02 August 2012 06:45 PM

    the point of it is to raise awareness... about the situation.. since ALL media has distorted the true situation (i commend dailymirror for uploading an unedited video)...all media is just trying to give the impression to people that repeaters are not happy with the court's decision... when actually what they are asking is for '2 z scores, 2 ranks'!! after all, the court itself ordered to consider the 2 groups as 2 distinct populations!

    matta Thursday, 02 August 2012 06:46 PM

    ah yes.. and i suppose by 'cream of the lot' you meant ones with BBB, BBC (and even CCC in some districts) over AAA, AAB...

    podda Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:34 PM

    In the first place, the UGC and and Ministry of higher education made a mistake and virtually destroyed the future of 1000s of students. The court should have asked the UGC officials and ministry to pay compensations to all effected students.

    With this ruling the deserving students may get the opportunity to go to Uni. But all the other students have been punished by asking them to prepare for the exam in just two weeks. Is that the punishment given to the UGC and ministry of education? Where is the accountability?

    No wonder you are a professor in SL.

    Doubtful Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:59 PM

    You selfish idiot

    Don Friday, 03 August 2012 01:18 AM

    Just can not understand how this much of discrepancy has occurred in the two different ways of Z score calculation. Normally, only the borderline cases should have changed. It seems either the question papers of old syllabi were extremely easy or/and the students who sat the old syllabi are extremely knowledgeable and hence scored very high marks to give high mean values and relatively high SDs. As a result the Z scores came crumbling down when the two sets are separated. Any way, it is only justifiable to compare Z scores of students within one set of students and not within two sets of students as the raw mark distributions depend not only on the difficulty level of question papers but on the distribution of the level of knowledge of students as well which obviously will be way different for the two sets of students.

    MalcomX Friday, 03 August 2012 02:21 AM

    Nationalize SITAM and absorb to the University System.
    Covert NSBM as a State run University. Only then these students, whose right for free education is deprived, can be absorbed to the University System.


    Roamer Thursday, 02 August 2012 04:17 PM

    The thing is, majority of the protesters ARE deserving what they ask for!! the court gave the order to calculate two z scores, true! and it IS fair. but is it fair to rank them together, when they have two separate z scores??and it IS NOT ordered in the court order!! going down of average 2nd and 3rd shy students who get selected to medical college from 60% to 27% shows how unfair the RANKING SYSTEM is!!

    Ralph Anthony Kernr Friday, 03 August 2012 09:00 AM

    the 2 Jokers Education Minister and Higher Minster, still insist that the Z score is correct.

    Azmi Friday, 03 August 2012 10:25 AM

    give useful solutions to student don't forget they are wealth of the nation

    Professor Saturday, 04 August 2012 05:09 AM

    From past records you can observe that other than for Medicine, it has always been including for the Engineering faculty the majority of students that entered the universities were from the first (!st) attempt students.

    Academic Saturday, 04 August 2012 05:17 AM

    Don't generalise saying that all the professors in this country have accepted what you are saying. The purpose of preparing two sets of z-scores for two different populations is that they can be compared and used in one list. That was the method that was used in 2001 when there was a syllabus change.

    Lecturer Saturday, 04 August 2012 05:28 AM

    Previous five (5) years' means of subjects especially Combined mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry should be checked and see whether there is a huge variance in them in comparison to 2011 repeaters mean. If there is an error the problem could be solved. Otherwise the new syllabus students examination papers have been unduly difficult or all of a sudden the repeaters have done really well.

    Attorney Saturday, 04 August 2012 06:17 AM

    The Supreme court of Sri Lanka did the correct thing to compensate the deserving 10,000s of students by telling the UGC and the Dept of Examinations to recalculate the z-scores. There are no two words about it.
    The purpose of the highly competitive A/L exam is to choose the deserving students to go to the universities not everybody. The 3rd shy repeaters who are unable to prepare for the exam this year are allowed to sit next year (2013) also.

    The accountability is the chairman of the UGC has to show cause why he should not be charged for contempt of court for delaying in implementing the Supreme court order


    Academic Saturday, 04 August 2012 06:24 AM

    In 2001 the z-scores that were prepared separately were ranked together which was correct. That was the supreme court order. There is no way of increasing the university intake as most of the universities especially Colombo Medical faculty and Moratuwa Engineering faculty are running to capacity.

    Lecturer Saturday, 04 August 2012 06:24 AM

    This problem will come up in 2012 A/L exam also if this is not for a calculation error in calculating the mean of the distribution. Best solution is to have only the new syllabus examination papers for repeaters as well. Then there won't be a question of level of difficulty of exam papers and level of knowledge of students.

    amara Saturday, 04 August 2012 07:44 AM

    Ane ape lamainta yana kalak.Ayeth 71 wage weida?

    matta Saturday, 04 August 2012 09:15 AM

    correction: ranked together cause there was no other alternative(and NOT because it was the correct way).. go ask a math professor if you don't understand it...

    sudda, Thursday, 02 August 2012 12:09 PM

    The authorities must now realize ,before seeking advises , the limitations of some expert stat profs who had not studied any mathematics in AL, and Fisrt degree.

    From whole this tragedy, we can see now, we do not have any local expertise in the field of Statistics.

    Sagarika Thursday, 02 August 2012 09:05 AM

    Miracle of Asia!

    Nodrog Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:06 AM

    The Z score fiasco has gone on long enough. We have 2 ministers for education and still cant get it right. Time for excuses to stop and heads to roll

    Bitter Truth Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:01 AM

    It is unfair on the part of clear cut scorers, that means the cream of the lot, let them go to the Uni first, then we can see about these doubtful ones later. Please do not waste the time of the students!!!!

    Nari Sabry Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:20 AM

    Breeding future leaders of the JVP

    Professor Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:36 AM

    The Supreme court gave a ruling for the correction of the error in calculating the z-score. The UGC and the Ministry of higher education has to abide by the ruling and send the deserving students to the university according to the newly calculated z-scores.. If the protesters are sent instead of the actually deserving students an injustice, a violation of human rights and contempt of court is being done for the rightful students..

    mahajana Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:32 AM

    from the ginger rebelling......

    Jagath Leanagej Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:33 AM

    Beeri aliyanta weena gayanwa karanawa wage wedak. UGC eke modayanta owa ehune ne wage edeevi.

    Bandara Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:08 AM

    Examination Dept and UGC made another mistake here by ranking the students from two streams (old and new syllabus) together. Old syllabus students had scored high average marks so that their Z score is low. Since the two streams were put together in ranking, old syllabus students' ranks came down. Exam Dept and UGC made mistakes in the first instance by taking the two streams together in calculating average marks, and this time by ranking the two streams based only on Z score. They should have issued rankings for the two strems separately and decide the number of students to be taken to the universities from two streams based on a criterian such as average ratio of students selected in the past 5 years from 1st attempt and 2nd or 3rd attempt. Otherwise, even if the number of students taken to the university is increased problem would not be resolved.

    CW Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:07 AM

    why did the experts like " Devasiri" did not see anything wrong with this scheme earlier? Pls be aware of the opprotunists like the Paraputugamis.

    Sam Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:25 AM

    These poor students, can ask for justice, but nothing will happen, as usual in Sri Lanka. Tonight the cops will move in and they will be arrested!! That is that will happen.

    lalith Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:23 AM

    99% of the countries problems are created by the people these parents voted for

    buffaloa citizen Thursday, 02 August 2012 09:03 AM

    Hope these students will not become tomorrow's LTTE .

    Supun Perera Thursday, 02 August 2012 12:18 PM

    In a crazy, corrupt, lawless Banana Republic where Jokers rule the Country, before long the entire Education system in the Country will crash. God save former democratic Sri Lanka.

    Lecturer Thursday, 02 August 2012 12:17 PM

    Other than for Medicine including for Engineering faculty the majority has been the 1st attempt students who entered the universities for the past several years. Therefore just because a bunch of repeaters and so called parents protested the UGC should not forget about the Supreme court ruling when an injustice was done to the rightful students and they highlighted the error made in calculating the z-score.

    kan Thursday, 02 August 2012 12:37 PM

    In spite of so many protests,court casex, media reports and condemnation, these two ministers still holding on to their posts, what s shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zosa Thursday, 02 August 2012 12:47 PM

    keep new exams for all the students, give 6-8 months to prepare. make a new correct system for university entrance..

    Rock Thursday, 02 August 2012 12:55 PM

    Why the hell a new system was implemented at first place? seems like SB wanted to show colors to Mr.MR and spoiled the soup of thousands.

    Fusion Thursday, 02 August 2012 01:48 PM

    If hopelessness goes too far, then that may very well happen. There are root causes to almost all terrorist movements. These kids are the future of our country, but all their hard work down the drain!

    Calistus Jayatilleke Thursday, 02 August 2012 03:14 PM

    It is high time for the educated sons and daughters to question their parents as to whom they voted and tell them not to repeat such foolish mistakes in future elections. They should resolve to keep these hooligan, thuggish, uneducated and inefficient, greedy politicians from being re-elected to any positions of power. And that would be the only solution for this fiasco.

    CHANDRAPALA Thursday, 02 August 2012 03:55 PM

    Finally, the President will hold a meeting with the parents of affected students. This is the usual procedure the government follow to solve the problems which have been created due to their own fault.

    ceylon Thursday, 02 August 2012 04:11 PM

    Anyone could see the future of SL. There is not a single week without any protests.

    Lakshitha Thursday, 02 August 2012 04:26 PM

    Mr. Professor, try to act like a professor. These students are not trying to challenge the court order.
    The supreme court only ordered to prepare two separate lists of z scores. It also ordered to use a correct mathematical method to take the students into the universities. And that correct statistical method is not what these people have followed now. The authorities have made a huge mess. If you are actually a professor, you must be able to understand that. It is that very simple fact that these students are trying to point at. Even according to the past statistics, it is very obvious that these students have been ignored without any justice. All the professors in this country, except YOU, have accepted it. Study this problem and try to understand this simple fact Mr. False Professor...!!!

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