Video: Strike success TU; Not success-Govt

While the Information Department said that attendance to duty by employees at public sector today had exceed 93.5% which was 3.5% more than the average daily attendance, the Trade Unions claimed that today’s general strike was a success.

Speaking to Daily Mirror National Trade Union Centre President K.D.Lal Kantha said that the strike was in fact success.

“Today's general strike is a success as government imposed many strictures on State sector workers,” he said.

He also claimed that many private sector workers did not report to work during the day.

Convening a news conference today regarding the strike action, the Coordinating Committee for Trade Union Alliance said the countrywide strike campaign launched by Trade unions and political parties was a success despite the government’s attempts of sabotage it.

“Employees in about 200 Private companies participated in the strike. Also, a large number of private factories did not function today in support of the strike,” Strike Alliance Member Wasanthe Samarasinghe said.

He said the government had tried to sabotage the campaign using its power.

“Some government department heads had issued memos making it compulsory for employees to work today, “he said.

Mr. Samarasinghe said despite the threats of the government a large number of teachers, lecturers and other government employees too had supported the strike and some of them had even hoisted black flags at their premises.    

Meanwhile, speaking at the news conference Lalkantha said they would resume the strike campaign after Vesak festive season and continue it until the government withdrew the electricity tariff hike.


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