Poll results out by midnight

By Jamila Najmuddin in Nawalapitiya

Results from the re-poll in the Nawalapitiya and Kumburupitiya electorates is scheduled to be released by the respective election secretariats by midnight tomorrow, elections officials told Daily Mirror online.

Kandy Divisional Secretary, Gotabaya Jayaratna said that counting of the votes would begin by 6.30 tomorrow evening and if the polls were conducted ‘freely and fairly’, then the final results would be announced by midnight.

Jayaratna also requested the public to cast their votes as early as possible in order to prevent any incidents and also urged the candidates and their supporters to refrain from taking part in any violent activities. “Security has been tightened and we are hopeful that the polls will be conducted freely and fairly this time. We request the public to cast their votes early and also urge the candidates and their supporters not to create any violence,” Jayaratna said.

Voting will begin at 7.00 a.m. tomorrow morning and end at 4.00 p.m afterwhich the ballot boxes will be transported to six counting centers in Nawalapitiya, Jayaratna added.

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