Lanka informed of surrender

By Yohan Perera in Oslo                                                                            

Norway has once again claimed that the Sri Lankan government was informed of a surrender by senior LTTE cadres during the final stages of the war and that Oslo was in contact with top Tiger leaders Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) and S. Pullithevan on the matter.

Former Norwegian peace envoy to Sri Lanka Erik Solheim speaking to a group of Sri Lankan journalists who are on a visit to Oslo today said the LTTE leaders were told that the only way they could surrender was to show white flags.

When asked as to who else was involved in the surrender deal Erik Solheim declined to comment but added that negotiations for the surrender continued till May 17 last year, just two days before the war was officially declared over.

The Norwegian Minister also reiterated calls for a political solution in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the bitter war which ended last year and also supported the move by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to create a panel of experts to advice him on Sri Lanka.

“A permanent solution is a must for the economic development desired by Sri Lanka," he said. Mr. Solhem also explained that there will be no room for any violence or a resumption of war as the struggle that is on today is for a political solution.

Solheim, who is the Minister of the Environment and Minister of Development Cooperation in Norway, was a member of the Norwegian delegation that unsuccessfully attempted to resolve the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Government Deputy Minister Karuna Amman, who was a former LTTE regional commander, had once leveled claims of Norwegian support for the LTTE and the existence of an exchange of goods, including gifts such as TVs and large sums of money between Solheim and the LTTE leadership. Solheim however denied the allegations. (Daily Mirror online)

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