Audio: Met Dept. flooded with more than 1000 calls

Despite allegations by some people the meteorology department receives more than a 1,000 calls during heavy rains asking for weather forecasts, the Meteorology Department said adding that this showed how popular the Department was.

“We receive more than 200 calls a day and more than 1,000 calls during heavy rains requesting for weather forecasts,” Met Department Deputy Director S.R. Jayasekara said.  

Some people had been misled to believe that the Met Department’s weather forecast was not to be relied on.

“Foreigners also call us to find out what the weather is like in Sri Lanka before they plan to visit the country. Tourist guides, hoteliers and people who are planning special functions are also check with us about the weather conditions,” he said

Mr. Jayasekera said usually the forecasts on websites were based on a mathematical module, which can’t be depended on. He said the Met Department obtained its information from trusted websites in India, Japan, the US and Korea.

“Though we obtain information from these websites we release the weather forecast only after various feasibility studies,” he said.

Mr. Jayasekera said the Department releases three reports a day and provided special forecasts for those who engage in maritime and aerial duties.
The atmosphere above the ocean that surrounds our country keeps changing all the time and therefore the tropical climatic condition can often be unstable.   

The Department had recently installed an automatic answering system because of the numerous calls it receives asking for weather forecasts. People can obtain information on Tel. No: 011 2694846. (Sanath Desmond)

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