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Video: Malaka never assaulted an army officer-Mervyn

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Minister Mervyn Silva said that his son Malaka Silva did not assault any army officer as reported.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo, Minister Silva however said that Malaka would have assaulted a man. “My son had never assaulted an army officer; he would have assaulted a man, but definitely not an army officer,” the minister said adding that “even in your childhood you had fought with others, in the younger age you would have fought and even at my age you would have had a fight with someone.  That cannot be stopped, because we are human beings and it applies to my son too.”

He also said that if something had been done by his son, police could take proper action.

The minister told a news conference that the Kaliamman Kovil would not be allowed to hold the animal sacrifices scheduled for October, 16.
“The police will take necessary measures to ensure that the rituals are stopped,” the minister said.
Thun Hela Jathikaya Secretary the Ven. Omarpe Kassapa Thera said they had filed a complaint at the Chilaw police station because the temple had not obtained the necessary clearance from authorities to hold the ceremony.  
“This is not a religious matter, we accept the right to practice the religion of his or her choice, but this is illegal and has to be stopped,” the Thera said.
(Nabeela Hussain) (Pix by Pradeep Dilrukshana)

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  Comments - 223

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  • Kautilya Friday, 14 September 2012 10:50 AM

    What a country?What a politician? MR are you the President of Sri Lanka? You have been elected by the people for good governance including maintain the Rule of Law but not the Law of the Rulers.

    Jawfer Friday, 14 September 2012 10:51 AM

    Yes son like father. I was looking you since incident occurred where is Mervin ? Now spoke out your son good behaviour . All public know what would be the out come of so called inquiries .

    Sunarmy Friday, 14 September 2012 04:37 PM

    Still wonder what army consist of after General SF left. Army of ...... only showing colors to innocent people..People are watching.

    Jeremy Pereira Friday, 14 September 2012 11:15 AM

    An assault on any person whether in uniform or not is a crime under the law that we should respect and honour. Not doing so and worse even trying to justifying it simply shows the pettiness and uneducated nature of this man. We are governed by goons. What a tragedy. If he and his son have little respect for the law, being a politician in the ruling party should go to a police station and surrender. If he has done nothing wrong, then why hide himself?

    Sorry dot com Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:01 AM

    Dont tell me Mervin is claiming he and his son are just small kids.

    Martin Friday, 14 September 2012 11:16 AM

    All top guys in Army should be shamed for bring quiet .

    mohamed Friday, 14 September 2012 04:44 PM

    modaya mervin buruwa malaka these family is barberian

    Priyankara Dias Friday, 14 September 2012 04:45 PM

    simple dispute....can be settled in mediation board...

    Safo Friday, 14 September 2012 11:08 AM

    ya right and im the president !!!!

    KRISHAN Saturday, 15 September 2012 04:19 PM

    Main issue in the case is why army officer went to hotel that nite and why he had fight with them. it has never come out in papers. so b4 make any comments think about it.

    Shan Friday, 14 September 2012 05:14 PM

    Idiots are in the making

    The God Father Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:58 AM

    Believe it or not, Mervyn is the most powerful man in Sri Lanka, even the top citizens of this country is scared of him as he keeps lots of secrets.

    hasitha Friday, 14 September 2012 10:57 AM

    The most disgraceful Sri Lankan EVER.

    jay gunasekara Friday, 14 September 2012 05:14 PM

    The Assaulted army major is a coward with a gun who could not even defend himself against a druggie.If this happened in the West the druggie would have been shot on the spot.I hope the co president and enforcer in chief will take action to safeguard the ranawiruwas as this is all they have for their credit.

    umer Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:58 AM

    I agree with what Major did. First take it and withdraw because you have to live first to fight back. Get your self stable and retaliate. This time Malaka messed with the wrong people.

    anthony Friday, 14 September 2012 11:22 AM

    Number one moron.

    minnaabdul Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:48 AM

    Malaka cant remember anything
    he needs medical attention

    Shace-UK Friday, 14 September 2012 10:59 AM

    Aiyo Malaka is a baba still he sucks his finger and drinks only milk...Mervin don’t have a backbone neither his son has one!!!! If you make a mistake be courageous enough to accept it like a man.

    Raja Friday, 14 September 2012 05:20 PM

    Can Uncle Mervins security help out my son in a few fights

    PJay Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:09 AM

    “My son had never assaulted an army officer; he would have assaulted a man, but definitely not an army officer,” - isn't the army officer a man? Does this mean that his son is given open license to assault any man? What a donkey statement by a donkey minister!

    Andy Friday, 14 September 2012 11:28 AM

    needs to consult a doctor to the entire flock.

    Simon Friday, 14 September 2012 04:59 PM

    Well done Malaka those boneless army fellows should be assaulted

    Don Siripala Friday, 14 September 2012 11:17 AM

    A son never lies to his father rite. Better you quickly pay the major off or remove him from active duty and back date the paperwork.

    kira Friday, 14 September 2012 05:23 PM

    They are now buying time to make a case against army officer and to destroy evidence or negotiating with the army officer to pay big bucks to drop the case.

    Godagampala Rohana Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:12 AM

    Mervyn, you and your son will escape from SriLankan Political Law & Judgement, but you two guys will nevr escape from the wrath of God's punishment soon.

    lovesri Friday, 14 September 2012 05:01 PM

    Rata venuwen api Putha wenuwen thaththi

    Just Another Citizen Friday, 14 September 2012 11:24 AM

    Earth to Mervin, who is he to assault anyone? And who are you to do the same? Go back to your home planet.

    Fair N Square Friday, 14 September 2012 05:30 PM

    So many weapons have gone "OFF" accidentally some killing friends of one another, wonder why the Army guy's weapon did NOT go off accidentally thereby eliminating a virmin... None would have mourned... Like father like son. So what Phd holder is saying is that he will defend his son EVEN if he was wrong.. What kind of ethics does he intend to instil on his son I wonder...

    Yes people, Go ELECT PEOPLE LIKE THESE at the next election too..

    Anton Weerasinghe Friday, 14 September 2012 11:25 AM

    Meryin! is there a difference between assaulting an army officer and a man? Assault is an assault and punishable by court of Law

    LBJ Friday, 14 September 2012 05:22 PM

    Your IQ is=my shoe size of 9

    Mi Friday, 14 September 2012 11:43 AM

    You did not elect these parlimatrians they did them self through computer jilmatu and Remind you again democracy is a hypocrisie. Man made system never succeeded .

    jagath wettasinghe Friday, 14 September 2012 11:43 AM

    muge kata...

    Butlers Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:33 AM

    Dr Mervyn (DumbRogue Mervyn).
    People will take care of this when the day arrive! Not far away. Good luck.

    Prasanna Fernando Friday, 14 September 2012 11:20 AM

    Seems like no one can touch these morons. But God will. Very soon indeed!!

    Shame on you SL Army for not protesting against this family of dogs.

    Sherlock Holmes Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:33 AM

    Oh My God ?how can any sane President tolerate such insane fools in his cabinet. There must be something amiss in his thinking. . Is he being blackmailed or is this the kind of dangerous clown hat he delights to keep him amused and in power.. Public relations Minister.? The above posts shows what the public thinks of this Mongrel

    Silva de Mervin Friday, 14 September 2012 11:35 AM

    But watch out for white van for messing around with wrong guys!

    Marikkar Friday, 14 September 2012 05:35 PM

    You are right sir, under Mahinda Chindanaya rule.

    Chandadasa Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:36 AM

    It's not DumbRogue Mervyn (Dr Mervyn) who is responsible but MR. Shame on you MR.

    Calistus Jayatilleke Friday, 14 September 2012 11:23 AM

    There you are, from the Old Horse's mouth!! Silva family is infallible and assaulting a man whether in uniform or not is not an offence! When the President of a country condones all these acts, what recourse does the common man have.

    Paul Albert Friday, 14 September 2012 05:40 PM

    Please, my dear friend, he was not elected , but selected ?

    Kelanipura Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:42 AM

    Hell with Mervyn Chinthana. It is a shame keeping this idiot in the cabinet.

    shantha madawela Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:25 AM

    promise me son not to do things I done.........

    deva Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:50 AM

    In the 1st instant, what about those who are responsible for nominating such people for election?

    Bandara Friday, 14 September 2012 11:55 AM

    This response is absolutely no surprising. You obviously know the response if you ask ask "pena from horage amma"

    surain Friday, 14 September 2012 06:16 PM

    he is not a joker we have become jokers by ways of listerners, those who publish these politicians stupid statements are the biggest jokers of the country

    VJ Friday, 14 September 2012 11:50 AM

    What is happening to this country? Where is the president does he not read news papers?
    Mr president very soon people will come to the street if you do not take this lunatic family out of politics what shame war heroes are getting punch by idiots and step sons using good names.

    Andy2 Friday, 14 September 2012 05:58 PM

    horage amma gen pena ahanawa wage wedak ne meka.

    Pramod Fernando Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:58 AM

    Janadhipathi thumo oba nidida????????

    thug rules Friday, 14 September 2012 06:00 PM

    I think you sit on your brain if you have one

    C. Seneveratne Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:46 AM

    This Barking dog Mervyn Silva is a disgrace to the country & to the ruling party. But why the president of this country & the rulers are powerless . It look like he is the president of this country.

    surain Friday, 14 September 2012 06:24 PM

    who is the mahanayaka you are talking about caN WE KNOW THE NAME

    andrew pitugala Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:50 AM

    This is "public relations". See howmany people have made comments.

    rohan Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:55 AM

    may be some people are above the law in this country,but no one is Greater than God, watch for your self with patience what the future holds for these people, middle east is seeing it, the time will come for us to witness it.

    Achari Friday, 14 September 2012 12:05 PM

    Chande deepy rata vesiyanta Samma Sambudhu Sranai

    Thomas Saturday, 15 September 2012 06:59 AM

    Malaka Baba cannot even assault a chicken, Shame on the Army turning other side when one of their kith had been assaulted by a ministerial THUG.

    dass Friday, 14 September 2012 06:10 PM

    I hope our brave soldiers will finally open their eyes and rid the motherland from idiots. You did it once in 89 and twice in 2009 and now is the time to wake up th esleeping lion for the third time.

    Sherlock Holmes Friday, 14 September 2012 11:45 AM

    General Army comander could you please enlighten us re the remarks made by Minister Mervin Silva about his son assaulting a man but not an army officer. Are you going to defend the integrity of your Atmy officer or \are you willing be insulted by a well known thug and crude uneducated scumbag named Mervin Silva. We await you reply.

    Mahesh Prasanna Friday, 14 September 2012 06:25 PM

    shame to live in this country with these idiot PMs. they are totally talking bulls' shit only.

    ravi Friday, 14 September 2012 06:39 PM

    better take him to munneswaram and SLAUGHTER him instead of goats.. :)

    sanath Saturday, 15 September 2012 07:38 AM

    He try to make his son a hero, by fighting with people . Let him come and fight with me . but please come without body gards.

    Aks Friday, 14 September 2012 06:28 PM

    There goes another cover-up for the mad Perves son... so now he assaulted a man and not an army officer... Maybe the mentioned army officer was NOT a man???

    So... since when has the right to sacrifice animals in the name of religon been illegal???? Maybe since the Perve started to consume coke which his son OPENLY sells at the night clubs and like places... hahaha

    It would be so nice if Mevin the Perve can hop onto a boat with the JHU, along with his drug dealing son and just sail away and be fish food???

    K.V.Wajira Hemantha Friday, 14 September 2012 12:09 PM

    See how simple this case for a cabinet minister.....

    Aks Friday, 14 September 2012 06:33 PM

    Oh my gosh... Sajith been taking too much ??? SIR Malaka??? Dr. Mervin??? Hahahahaha..... Come on Army... you should all stand up together and just wipe them out...

    What a disgrace....

    Animal sacrifice is illegal, so what about tying a Citizen of Lanka to a tree??? What about selling drugs???

    Freedom Friday, 14 September 2012 11:47 AM

    i need a doctor bring me back to life..............

    Jagath Friday, 14 September 2012 06:45 PM

    if you are gaining something just showing these comments to Mervin I would have mercy on you. If I have a request to made.
    Uba Merviyage jarawa kawata kamak na Sri lankawe inna oya modoyo thawath rawatanna ohoma comments danna epa. Thopi oun ekka ekathu wela me rata ta karana winasayata thopita hena ghanawa.

    krish Friday, 14 September 2012 06:45 PM

    Imagine this scenario:

    Well if MR was the not president, Gotabaya could have been a senior army officer.
    Then there is a possibility that Malaka could have been attacking senior officers under the blessings of his minister father under some other president.

    Now he is telling Malaka didn't attack an officer is just because Gotabaya could take serious action against both

    Anyways, where are those so called patriotic people like Wimal Weerawansa (Born name Wimalasiri Gamlath)?

    Anon Friday, 14 September 2012 12:02 PM

    They have the CCTV footage! What more is needed?

    senavi Friday, 14 September 2012 11:50 AM

    consultation should be for the public who keep silent in face of these absurdity

    Minnal Sri Friday, 14 September 2012 06:35 PM

    Look at our cabinet Ministers statement. Mervyn thinks he can fool us the way he is fooling our President.

    buffaloa citizen Friday, 14 September 2012 11:51 AM

    The biggest mistake made by India is to allow the Kapilavastu relics to SL, a country with poor practice of Buddhism. Only few days ago this mongrel paid respects to the Kapilavastu relics and now he has already started lieing. This is the Buddhism practiced by majority of sinhalese. Shame is too good a word for this country and her citizens.

    SL Friday, 14 September 2012 11:52 AM

    gents mervin does not understand english !! no use of spending our time on this silly fellow.

    Kallathoni Lankan Friday, 14 September 2012 11:56 AM

    This idiot has a brain of a child. That is why he fights with people even if he has grown up. Children do fight we can understand. That is a part of growing up process.

    Leslie Friday, 14 September 2012 07:28 PM

    Malaka should be taken to the cleaners...... so that he does not try his thuggery on anyone else thereafter.

    piss Saturday, 15 September 2012 08:22 AM

    Eka Thami gedara inna ELUWA beraganna hadanne.
    hA hA hA

    HsBc Saturday, 15 September 2012 08:14 PM

    Are we out of 'Sudu Van'?

    Gamlath Friday, 14 September 2012 07:43 PM

    Thomians all the way...where ever you find a fight thomian leads !!

    ( presidents sons and ministers sons )

    Muzammil Sedar Saturday, 15 September 2012 09:13 AM

    Me desa mage pinwantai..therune den thamai....

    True Sri Lankan Friday, 14 September 2012 12:06 PM

    Much expected. But Came little late...

    Kadiya Friday, 14 September 2012 12:19 PM

    Just wait and see... army officer will put under pressure to claim he assaulted himself. MR should be ashamed of his cabinet and if he is worthy for the presidency post he should immediately force Mervin to produce his son. Hey army generals...why you guys are silent. If the justice is not done somebody may deliver it and we don't want to see another JVP like mayhem.

    Makaka Silva Saturday, 15 September 2012 10:57 PM

    Thank you Thaththi. You are the best !!!

    jacoob Friday, 14 September 2012 08:27 PM

    MR begged this chap to talk something about it.. That's all.. all srilankans fate and they dearly deserved for it

    Kaputa Friday, 14 September 2012 08:18 PM

    all are fool Mr Mervin Silva state last week that " I am against animal sacrifice " so mean he is not against human assault. So in sri lanka people can assault human not animals. if his son did that for animal then police can arrest.

    O.L.Morondan Friday, 14 September 2012 12:32 PM

    Not by us, By some olamottayas

    Gmerala Friday, 14 September 2012 12:20 PM

    Where is the law?

    Rania Saturday, 15 September 2012 09:32 AM

    Why aren't Army officers also men?

    Susantha Nawaratne Friday, 14 September 2012 09:27 PM

    Being a minister representing to his country listen how he talks to the media.if he been such a academic person he should refrain from using bad words.its downgrading his caliber.Now we can understand how far away he studied at school may be up to 5th form or less

    Ralph Anthony Kernr Saturday, 15 September 2012 09:56 AM

    Whom is this idiot trying to fool. why not show the CCTV recording at Hilton Residence on TV Channels at prime time. Why is it not done. Is this democracy......

    Sapuma Bandara Friday, 14 September 2012 12:24 PM

    How sure are you that Maala Yaka is definitely your son?

    kulan Saturday, 15 September 2012 09:40 AM

    Separatists are back attacking army officers

    Political Illiterate Friday, 14 September 2012 10:03 PM

    He was there as a witness. According to the D. Litt. they should not do this - find out illegal activity - and therefore punishable by assault. He probably thinks that the ancient kings of SL did not implement rule of law thru" the Kings Court and it was only an imperialist, neo-colonist phenomenon and should not be following any more by the democratic socialist republic. So the Assault, His son therefore is not guilty!

    Yohan Perera Friday, 14 September 2012 12:50 PM

    Don't worry. He did not assaulted an ordinary guy. An intelligence officer instead. This could well be Malaka's ticket to the other world.

    sandeepa Friday, 14 September 2012 12:41 PM

    Morons are the people who voted for him

    Bandara Perera Friday, 14 September 2012 10:34 PM

    What a twist... More to come from this so called animal saving Dr. Mervin.. who does not want to save the nation saving soldier. My concern is that there are still people hanging around such people.

    krisho Friday, 14 September 2012 12:34 PM

    it has now come to a point where i am shy to be a sri lankan . also a worried man as we have no civil and political rights whatsoever in our motherland or a law to protect us , it's no more a democracy . i am a sinhalese , but god help us all in the event a govt politician decides to kill , assault , rape a loved one , we will not get justice or protection , and this is guaranteed .. actually a scary situation to be in , very sad ! but true .

    Calistus Jayatilleke Saturday, 15 September 2012 09:55 AM

    Listeninhg to this speech, all what I felt was self-pity that we are very unfortunate to live in a country like this with a President who is all powerful but unable to control an idiot like this.

    Sun A Friday, 14 September 2012 12:47 PM

    Yeah Yeah.The army officer assaulted poor Malaka and his clan.Well I have heard this comment before. I feel that these people should be tested for familial mental disorders

    jehan Friday, 14 September 2012 11:00 PM

    Mervyn is still in business....

    fASSEY Friday, 14 September 2012 12:58 PM

    CCTV will have the proof, but as usual everything will go under the carpet as gratitude for the silvas for all their................duties.
    Big Silvas are never punished. So now they can play hell and go and worship in a temple.

    Public Abilik Friday, 14 September 2012 12:48 PM

    Is this guy a Cattle doctor (හරක් දොස්තර) ? and I don't mean a veterinarian. What a lunatic

    Gadzooks Saturday, 15 September 2012 10:30 AM

    This whole incident is carrying on because the evidence has not been made public: either the boy assaulted the major or he did not.

    Erwin Rommel Friday, 14 September 2012 12:49 PM

    The officer should be court Marshall-ed for cowardice since if he was a Major he should have smashed the Malaka fellow and his cohorts by also calling for his back up which he should have had and pulped the guys up.This was a golden opportunity lost. What a shame the Army guy was not a real Army guy who would have put the Malaka to bed instead of sleeping in a hospital. He should be discharged from the Army immediately since he has brought shame upon the SL Army.

    Ajith Friday, 14 September 2012 11:11 PM

    Idiots son is also an idiot. What a shameful country we all live unfortunately.

    m.m.m.izzeth Friday, 14 September 2012 01:06 PM

    we lost the trust with M.R. du to marvyn.

    garawi Friday, 14 September 2012 11:15 PM

    So he thinks, attacking a civilian is alright ??? Dear Mr. President, the soldiers are the people who helped you win the war. They are heroes and need to be respected. And you are allowing this son of a stupid minister attack them and get away with it. I for one among the others respected you for wiping out the LTTE and uniting the country and then embarking on a development projects of SL. But allowing thuggery and corruption by the politicians, is beyond my limits of acceptance. So, what ever happens, my next vote is not for you!

    dhana Saturday, 15 September 2012 10:21 AM

    He is an Officer and a Gentleman.

    DEEN Friday, 14 September 2012 01:11 PM


    Lion Friday, 14 September 2012 11:34 PM

    This is a shame for the great army headed by General Sarath Fonseka.This shows the capabality of the puppet appointed by the despotic regime.The heros who defeted Prabakaran is being asaulted by drug barren in open.Shame Shame.

    Game Kolla Friday, 14 September 2012 12:48 PM

    Sorry to say this...we live in a fool's paradise.

    Tony montana Friday, 14 September 2012 12:49 PM

    What its matter if he is army or a normal citizen they must arrest the gangster and drug dealer Malaka.

    Dasaya Friday, 14 September 2012 11:59 PM

    Me.... eka nemei, Ko dang are "Sarasavi Prashne" visanduwada?

    weha Friday, 14 September 2012 12:52 PM

    Only the morons and the illiterate will choose physical confrontation as the only solution to a problem. and he is both of them.

    Jan Friday, 14 September 2012 12:53 PM

    Moda Mervyn Manthrithuma ape Surathal Buruwa

    Cha Friday, 14 September 2012 01:05 PM

    And I am a monkeys uncle

    lakmal Friday, 14 September 2012 12:55 PM

    a shame on all of us, we elected this idiot cilprit to Parliament ... Democracy is over in sri lanka.

    Jona Friday, 14 September 2012 01:20 PM

    Dear Army Officers, You all should be a shamed for bending your heads to political thugs. Pls stand by your fellow officers, and stand up for your self's.

    Nodrog Friday, 14 September 2012 01:22 PM

    Merbyn, of course we fought as kids but we grew out of it. And we didn't have gangs of police and STF to fight our battles. Your comments are an insult to law abiding folk.

    silva Friday, 14 September 2012 12:59 PM

    even in your childhood you would have killed others, in the younger age you would have killed and even at my age you would have killed someone. That cannot be stopped, because we are human beings and it applies to my son too.”

    Psyke Friday, 14 September 2012 01:25 PM

    Goat it better than him

    Hayyo Friday, 14 September 2012 01:05 PM

    Aney mun neda rata palane karanne? Lankawata hariyayda?
    Gahanna oni munta chande dana rilawunta.

    Western embassies, please look at the characters of these third class people and do not issue visa to these criminals to come to any where in west.

    Nodrog Saturday, 15 September 2012 12:54 AM

    Man to man neither father or son will stand a chance in a fair fight. Both are bullies and cowards hiding behind the protection of body-guards.

    MagodisThuma Friday, 14 September 2012 01:32 PM

    What Intelligence...he cant shoot on his legs at-least. "Military Intelligence" the best "Oxymoron" in the world !

    Roy Friday, 14 September 2012 01:10 PM

    You brainless people selected a Drug dealer as your minister, now pay for it. If you can name a lawless minister/s same like Sri Lankan ministers from other country, I will salute you..!

    Buddika Saturday, 15 September 2012 11:05 AM

    Give father & son capital punishment in public for the sake of this mother land.

    pachaya Friday, 14 September 2012 01:36 PM

    when the lamp is about to be over it lights brighter !!!!! We should be ready to witness the END.

    Dhammika Saturday, 15 September 2012 01:10 AM

    Our people have given the verdict these ministers to do whatrver they want??//In elections people have shown that they like the way the government goes???/so it is pointless now by blaming ministers...Sri Lanka is the only country where majority recommond assaulting, corruptions and other crimes...Goldbless you Sri Lankans

    truly Friday, 14 September 2012 01:14 PM

    mmmm...good statement that bcoz he agreed his son doing this since childwood....

    Lanka Shantha Friday, 14 September 2012 01:38 PM

    You can speak any thing as long as you have the top man as your custodian.

    Janaki Kalansuriya Saturday, 15 September 2012 01:18 AM

    These idiots are laying the foundation stones to another youth uprising. Our poor country, being dragged in the mud to the dogs by the vile bunch of morons.

    Kalani Baba Saturday, 15 September 2012 11:21 AM

    Mad Cat , you are a real headache for the people of Kalaniya.

    Sonali De Silva . Friday, 14 September 2012 01:39 PM

    Both father and son defies the norms of a psychiatric patient. Just imagine our fate if we had a few more of these imbeciles in our country?

    sana Saturday, 15 September 2012 11:21 AM

    Is this man suffering from migraine?????

    MagodisThuma Friday, 14 September 2012 01:40 PM

    Untouchables !

    Kaleel Saturday, 15 September 2012 01:44 AM

    God will punish them. In future we don't know how this country going to be. They think that killing human is better than animals.

    DEXTER Friday, 14 September 2012 01:30 PM

    OMG !! what a really sad state... also its becoming a trend to see that these people actually have no shame AT ALL... further at least MR DR call him what ever you want Meryvin has admitted that his son assaulted someone. Dear Minister you mean to say its OKAY for your son to attack a common man???? and does your son even have the guts to fight anyone alone MAN 2 MAN... I think not...

    MagodisThuma Friday, 14 September 2012 01:45 PM

    He has done lots of unlawful activities on be half of the Govt.
    So to keep his mouth shut, no action can be taken against his them !

    sanjaya Friday, 14 September 2012 01:23 PM

    army officer volanteerly came forward to show how people are being harrased by thugs and minister's sons at various places.(like dengue drama episode in kelaniya.......hik hik hok hok

    Elroy Friday, 14 September 2012 01:39 PM

    “My son had never assaulted an army officer; he would have assaulted a man, but efinitely not an army officer,”
    Isn't this thug saying the plain truth. why done anyone believe me, I am Dr Mervyn Silva, I am no thug I am a descent law abiding valued citizen of Sri Lanka. All Sri Lankans look upon me.

    Janaki Kalansuriya Saturday, 15 September 2012 01:45 AM

    Precisely This is exactly what Gen Sarath Fonsseka is saying. Be proud and make us proud, SL Army. Take this buffoon to legal task not sparing anything. We've had enough of this tomfoolery.

    Elroy Friday, 14 September 2012 01:39 PM

    absolutely correct

    John Friday, 14 September 2012 01:41 PM

    You beat the worst of terrorism in this country 3 years ago and celebrated every year with parades - you have a bigger problem now as these terrorist thugs are everywhere in SL and not just confined to the North only?

    Nalaka Saturday, 15 September 2012 02:16 AM

    is this what your PC/Lawer told you to say

    Ranjit Friday, 14 September 2012 01:45 PM

    This man is totally insane. Period.
    May God Sri Lanka.

    sach Friday, 14 September 2012 01:48 PM

    Dont accept blame so soon. He was defeated several times in parlimentary elec. Then president brought him tp parliamnt via National List. After that media, especially swarna.. made him a hit as a comedian and stupid ppl voted for him in kelaniya

    Concerned Sunday, 16 September 2012 07:18 AM

    Crazy!!! "Assaulting a man" is acceptable while killing an animal is not. And I read somewhere he said he has more important things to do rather than looking into his sons actions!!! Did he finish all those important things??

    mnsmart Friday, 14 September 2012 01:51 PM

    not all of us, but idiots around kelaniya had done this

    Sajith Friday, 14 September 2012 02:04 PM

    Malaka is innocent. People are trying to fling mud on these innocent people. Why would malaka assault anyone for NO REASON? People god gave you brains to think and not to sit on them. Wish we had more people like them in this country and this place would be so much better. Jaya wewa Sir Malaka and Dr. Mervin

    ravi Friday, 14 September 2012 01:41 PM

    do all military personel have to live in uniform to be identifialble by all, what i understand is inteligence officer's disguise to protect there identity to be able extract info which is vital for Security of motherland, illiterate people cant fathom this.

    Roger Saturday, 15 September 2012 03:05 AM

    Here is a clown in the cabinet, who once claimed the fella tied himself to a tree. What a bunch of morons are ruling the country

    Dhammika Friday, 14 September 2012 01:42 PM

    An Elite Army under Gen. SF who fought and WON the battle against the worlds most ruthless terrorist organisation is silent and humiliated by a Govt. sponsored DRUG lords son..........

    lucky Friday, 14 September 2012 01:45 PM


    chris abey Friday, 14 September 2012 02:13 PM

    When we have ""joker"" as Army Commander what can others do? Now Army commander with nothing to command.

    ravi Friday, 14 September 2012 02:13 PM

    Dr. implies that it is Ok for Malaka to assault ordinary humans

    Shaik Ahamath Friday, 14 September 2012 02:03 PM

    This clearly is a conspiracy by the army to embarass our wonderful Minister Mervyn Silva by implicating his son, the equally wonderful Malaka. I am happy the Minister did not carry out his threat to commit suicide on Wednesday - we would have been denied the services of a great comic relief in the government.. Mr Silva should commission an inquiry to report in 2 years time when everything would be forgotten.

    nihal s Friday, 14 September 2012 02:06 PM


    Sammy Friday, 14 September 2012 02:31 PM

    An army officer is also a man (or woman), lol.

    Minister Friday, 14 September 2012 02:10 PM

    Now it is quite obvious where this country is heading!

    CommonMan Friday, 14 September 2012 02:25 PM

    Dr. proves again and again that he is a joker.

    Amila.G Friday, 14 September 2012 02:13 PM


    kamal Friday, 14 September 2012 02:50 PM

    So what he says is assaulting an ordinary individual is ok if you are a Minister's son???

    Puran Saturday, 15 September 2012 03:27 AM

    He is not saying anything sensible. He is only building up a sort of defense that he can create to confuse the army and the police.
    The latest is that his son and his fellow thug will be hospitalized before they are arrested and will continue to be detained in a fancy hospital ward till a hearing before a judge.i

    Cancer Friday, 14 September 2012 02:46 PM

    IGP where are you?? Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

    perumal Saturday, 15 September 2012 03:40 AM

    But this man said he had no time to spend on his son's alleged misdeeds and the police would do the needful. Now belatedly he has sprung to his defense. All the evidence would have been dressed up by now!

    Supun Perera Friday, 14 September 2012 02:37 PM

    Jokers of corrupt, lawless Banana Republic in action. As we all know that in this Republic the Criminals are protected at the expense of the innocent. God save former democratic Sri Lanka.

    Banda Friday, 14 September 2012 03:02 PM

    Why MR is still sleeping when mervin reacts like this everytime.

    ANON69 Friday, 14 September 2012 03:14 PM

    UNP's fault or is ti Ranil's

    raymond Friday, 14 September 2012 03:21 PM

    Dr's Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksha, where are you???

    ameen Saturday, 15 September 2012 04:06 AM

    malaka in singapore hospital now?? ha, ha,

    Greese Yaka Saturday, 15 September 2012 02:31 PM

    Malaka...Your days are numbered!!!!!

    sinha Friday, 14 September 2012 02:58 PM

    The video camera is the only witnes

    andrew pitugala Saturday, 15 September 2012 03:56 AM

    Aney thaththi mama minisunta gahana bawa thannawa ne eya mata nokarath bae ne thantha, Mahinda mamath wunoth eya dhannawa thathe. Namuth hamudhawe kennekkuta gahanne nahe.

    nanda Saturday, 15 September 2012 04:14 AM

    According to Thero only Budhism is allowed no other religion is allowed in SL There is no law against animal sacrifice in SL, He is just making up laws as he pleases.
    This is SL for you

    Vas Friday, 14 September 2012 03:17 PM

    Mervin is a small example of how the Mahinda Gvt thinks and operates!!

    Sri Friday, 14 September 2012 03:22 PM

    his talks could help konde bandapu cheenuta..

    Srilanken who rally round him should be the fools of the nation.

    Nirmal Friday, 14 September 2012 03:25 PM

    So this insane thug says his idiotic Monkey son could assault any civilian on his will! My bloody foot to you beggar!

    Octopus Saturday, 15 September 2012 04:40 AM

    There is a saying, "THE LAW IS NO RESPECTOR OF PERSONS". However, in our country it is not so!

    faz Friday, 14 September 2012 10:21 AM

    Very good one.

    Citizen Perera Saturday, 15 September 2012 04:26 AM

    This beautiful country will never prosper with people who are silent when the country is facing with undemocratic leadership

    nasrullah-china fort Friday, 14 September 2012 10:35 AM

    finally! He agreed

    Nirmal Friday, 14 September 2012 03:30 PM

    You better surrender you so called son to the police so the law of the country could take its course rather than showing the world again and again how stupid you are!

    Viraj Perera Friday, 14 September 2012 10:35 AM

    Yes yes absolutely that army office must have surely Assaulted him self

    waz Friday, 14 September 2012 03:19 PM

    Where is the rule of law?

    Jagath Friday, 14 September 2012 03:39 PM

    You idiot, majority of Lankan are fools like you that is how Mervin like people got elected. If you want to watch comedy films go and watch them and comment about those actors and their talents.

    piss Friday, 14 September 2012 03:41 PM

    Thoththa Babage Kukku Putha.
    Animals can assaulte humans, but humans can not kill animals.

    perera Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:04 AM


    willows Friday, 14 September 2012 10:40 AM

    Major assaulted himself, threw the pistol, phone and the bracelet to Malaka's pocket and he went out, all in the CCTV???

    Puran Friday, 14 September 2012 03:30 PM

    Mervyn S has certainly earned his claim to his Doctorate and is very smart in his semantics.

    His son and his thugs after all "assaulted" man but someone who was wearing an army uniform with a major's insignia..He has taken so long to remember that..

    He and his henchman has had a pre arranged vist with a DIG of Police and the army is having their own investigation as to how and why this "officer" was there at that hour in the first place.

    yes it is a forgone conclusion that it is the officer who is guilty and the Royal son and his thugs are the heroes..

    nipuna Friday, 14 September 2012 03:54 PM

    They day he assault you.... then.......
    ane kale wane wase kiwwalu...


    navi Friday, 14 September 2012 03:55 PM

    OK you say we believe until next time goodbye, and please ask him to kill some one in broad daylight, and again you come forward,

    My son did not kill any one, do you hear my son did not kill any one
    this is your country we are just slaves of yours, and please tel us what to do we will do for you

    Dammika Friday, 14 September 2012 10:43 AM

    Obviously he assaulted a "MAN" in Amy uniform Minister.

    peter Friday, 14 September 2012 03:46 PM

    A week gone and Sri Lankan police did nothing. Father concluded his son is innocent. Jungle law prevails in Sri Lanka.

    PRASANNAJIT Friday, 14 September 2012 10:34 AM

    These fellows will even convert an elephant to an ant.

    Fazli Friday, 14 September 2012 03:51 PM

    I think may that the army officer assaulted Malaka
    So arrest the officer and give him death sentense. No trials even.

    Sinhabahu Friday, 14 September 2012 03:42 PM

    Where are those heroes who wrote books claiming the ownership of the war and the forces. Also there were many politicians who claimed to back up Ranawiru to tget poor man's votes.
    Now the forces are at receiving end. God save SF.

    Hamdan Friday, 14 September 2012 10:29 AM

    Remand the Major for assaulting himself

    P.A.Samaraweera Friday, 14 September 2012 10:53 AM

    Sometime back a "Gramasevaka Niladhari" tied himself to a tree and was there the whole day until Mervyn saw him and untied hime!!! And Mervyn got into trouble by helping him !

    In this case the Major beat himself up until he got injured and Malaka took him to hospital. And now Malaka is in trouble !!!


    loku bijja Friday, 14 September 2012 10:30 AM

    nice one

    Laminate Friday, 14 September 2012 10:44 AM

    PAW! Kiyanakan Itiye....

    piss Friday, 14 September 2012 04:20 PM

    Ammata hudu. Namal Silva and Malaka Rajapaksa.
    No one can exclude that senario, as far as their mothers are concerned.

    sach Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:26 AM

    the army guy acted sanely. otherwise there would be a gun battle and there were foreign diplos in hotel who had come for the conference.

    bigsam Friday, 14 September 2012 04:09 PM

    Problem is this - we can all vote for this comment but for every 1 of us there are 10 people (who dont have access to independent media) who will vote for this idiot at an election.

    Subbiah Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:26 AM

    If the victim was an army officer or an ordinary citizen he has committed an offence.

    A Public Relations Minister is justifying fighting among the public.

    patriot Friday, 14 September 2012 04:13 PM

    From now on, Army Navy Police Officers have to be very careful when they are not wearing the uniforms. Wear your uniform day and night to protect yourself.

    talking tom Friday, 14 September 2012 10:47 AM

    dear people
    dont get distracted with our burning nations issues with these ,actually they want it only

    Kalani kollo Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:17 AM

    Baba nala powder dagena hitye. Ape Baba indala hitala Beediyak bonwa misak Kudu gahnneth naa, Night club wala nadagam natanneth naa. Mewa Ape Andare pappawa apahasuwata path karanda gothana katha.

    Ramzeel Friday, 14 September 2012 10:50 AM

    It would have been better if the Army Intelligence officer had shot this trouble maker. Then Mervyn would say that his son was shot at the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya and not in a club.

    GSK Friday, 14 September 2012 10:38 AM

    its a shame on all of us, we elected this thug to Parliament !! Democracy is dead in SL !!

    peeda mossa Friday, 14 September 2012 10:38 AM

    What more can one expect from cowards who have brawn and no brain ?

    Ravi Seneviratne Friday, 14 September 2012 11:03 AM

    Malaka BABA ,

    DJ Hilton Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:11 AM

    Ane Mr.Mervin, Malaka is Baba.... LOL

    ramkuumar Friday, 14 September 2012 11:04 AM

    Dr., Why do you cover something, your son was not in Sri Lanka at the time of this incident happened, do you want to save someone by pushing your son into this.

    Kumar Friday, 14 September 2012 04:35 PM

    This is not about just street boy beaten to an Army Officer.
    its all about reputation of SL Army..

    Moda Minia Friday, 14 September 2012 10:41 AM

    All Silvas have Amnesia, They forget firing a gun, assaults and finally get themselves admitted to a Hospital in Singapore

    Vicks Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:38 AM

    Chewing a bone somewhere in Kelaniya

    RuwanL Friday, 14 September 2012 10:54 AM

    Malaka is a man and not a boy. he cannot assault anyone not even his servant boy! If he has assaulted then he should be dealt with by the police. You don't have to defend him as the recording will show who assaulted whom! Why doesn't he surrender to the police and clear his name?

    Dr.Mervin Silva Friday, 14 September 2012 04:33 PM

    ඔව් ඔව් මාලක ගැහුවේ නැ ආමි ඔෆිසර්ට , ඔෆිසර් තමා මගේ පුතාට ගැහුවේ , මගේ පුතා එහෙම කරන කෙනෙක් නොවේ , ඔයා ලට පුතා ගේ මුණ බැලුවම පෙන්නේ නැද්ද ?

    Thomas Friday, 14 September 2012 11:07 AM

    His Doctor Degree speaks about the illusion

    Anura Gunawardane Friday, 14 September 2012 04:47 PM

    Baya Wuna Needa

    nimal1962 Friday, 14 September 2012 10:45 AM

    the dog has started to bark..

    S.Sriranjan Friday, 14 September 2012 04:49 PM

    Mervin's son assaulted a man who is an army officer???

    King Barnette Friday, 14 September 2012 04:26 PM


    additional commentor Saturday, 15 September 2012 03:59 PM

    This is a fact that the Sri Lankan Govt is full of Thugs and Chandiyas, their sons also Chandi puthas,,,
    M>R> your Chandi Govt will soon end as there's a God waiting to give you the Greatest punishment ever in mankind history,,,
    we are waiting to witness that day,,,,

    SarathAbusesAbreara Friday, 14 September 2012 04:28 PM

    IGP go home you fool.

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