Video: India tight-lipped as US wedging into region: Wimal

National Freedom Front (NFF) MP and Minister Wimal Weerawansa said today that the United States was making its way into the region and India had become powerless in this backdrop.

Expressing concerns over the reports on the US plan to sign a contract with the Maldivian Government to establish a military base, he said, India was paving the way for it.
Video by Sanath Desmond

“The US is trying to breach the region with their power. India is also silent on the issue. There was a time when Indian authorities objected to the setting up of Voice of America (VOA) service in Iranawila. It seems present rulers of India are powerless,” he said.

He said recent attacks on Sri Lankans and protests against Sri Lanka in Tamil Nadu were a result of a contract given by former US State Secretary Hilary Clinton to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jeyalalitha Jayaram.

Speaking about the northern provincial election, he said, holding this election without removing police and land powers mentioned in the 13 amendment would endanger the unitary status of the country.  

If the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) wins the northern election it will use police and land power to the maximum and take out the Sinhalese and Muslim people from the north along with the military camps, he said.

“So far, a provincial council has never used its all land and police powers. But if the TNA wins the northern election they will most likely use all the power to remove Sinhalese and Muslims from the North. The TNA is trying to divide the country constitutionally as the LTTE couldn’t do it through terrorism,” he said. (Sanath Desmond and Lahiru Pothmulla)

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