Bribery Commission: Ousted CJ denies allegations

Impeached Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayke who appeared before the Bribery Commission issued a lengthy statement denying the charges levelled against her.

Sources close to Dr. Bandaranayake said she gave a detailed explanation on how she obtained each and every asset she possessed. She spoke for some three and a half hours giving details of her bank accounts and how she came to own her other properties.

She emphasised that she had accumulated her assets in a legitimate way.

Dr. Bandaranayake was asked to appear before the commission once again at 9.00 a.m. on Monday.

The charges include the non-declaration of assets and liabilities annually and about some 20 bank accounts she held in various banks including nine accounts in the National Development Bank (NDB).

According to reports the Bribery Commission is said to have received a complaint against the then Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake by an yet unnamed complainant. (Yohan Perera)

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