Ban calls for accountability

UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon has called for accountability in Sri Lanka with the end of the war and said he will go ahead with forming an expert panel to advice him on human rights issues in Sri Lanka.

The UN Chief, who met External Affairs Minister G.L Peiris at the UN headquarters yesterday, told reporters that the group of experts will also advise him on the basic characters and the role of the commission appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa recently, the UN said.

“I am still working on the establishment of a group of experts who will advise me based on international standards and experiences on implementation of the commitment the government made in the area of human rights accountability. As you know, the Sri Lankan Government has announced the establishment of their own commission. The group of experts will have to advise me on the basic characters and the role of this commission,” Ban ki-moon told reporters.

The UN Chief also said that at his meeting with the Sri Lankan External Affairs Minister he sought to urged Sri Lanka to continue to improve the conditions of the internally displaced persons and expedite relocation and reintegration of these people.

“On that, I think they have made some progress. Then again, promote national reconciliation, reaching out to a different group of parties and people for national reconciliation. Thirdly, the accountability process as I have been discussing with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, as soon as possible,” he added.

Minister Peiris is meanwhile expected to have several rounds of meting with US officials during the course of this week including a meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (Daily Mirror online)


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