SL limits provision of consular services in 11 overseas Missions

In view of the present circumstances of the rapid spread of COVID-19 globally, and in order to limit the spread of the virus among Sri Lankans who visit the Sri Lanka Missions overseas, the Ministry of Foreign Relations has decided to limit the provision of consular services in 11 Sri Lanka Missions overseas commencing 16 March until further notice.

These countries include Italy, Iran, South Korea, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden and Austria, the Ministry of Foreign Relations said.

This decision has been taken in view of the strict restrictive procedures of travel bans and lockdown measures taken by the respective authorities of the countries concerned and also the recent travel ban imposed by the Government of Sri Lanka on all travel originating from these countries.

Accordingly, from 16 March 2020 onwards and until further notice, these Missions have arranged to restrict services related only to the issuance of temporary/emergency travel documents, issuance and certification of documents relevant to deaths of Sri Lankans and any other emergency consular service, which is deemed necessary, on a case by case basis. This will be done based on prior appointments obtained from the Missions.

In order to secure early appointments and to obtain the restricted consular services and related information, emergency contact numbers have been provided by the Sri Lanka Missions to visitors.

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