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Govt. seeks Rs.288mn to buy vehicles for ministers

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The government today sought Parliament’s approval for spending a total sum of Rs.288.2 million in order to purchase vehicles for several ministers, deputy ministers and state ministers.

Accordingly, the approval was sought for the spending of Rs.42 million to purchase a vehicle for deputy chairman of committees, Rs.82 million on a new vehicle for deputy minister of health, Rs.40 million on a vehicle for minister of plantation industries, Rs.38 million on a vehicle for deputy minister of sports and Rs.86 million on vehicles for the minister and deputy minister of industry and commerce.

Approval was also sought to spend Rs.21.5 million for the official residence of leader of the opposition.

In addition, approval of the House was sought to spend Rs.7.5 billion for the amalgamation of the Housing Development and Finance Corporation (HDFC) and the State Mortgage Bank. (Yohan Perera)

Deputy Minister of Health Rs.82 million
Minister of Plantation Industries Rs.40 million

Deputy Minister of Sports

Rs.38 million
Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Rs.86 million
Leader of the Opposition Rs.21.5 million
Deputy Chairman of Committees Rs.42 million


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  • Lord Wolfstein Saturday, 25 March 2017 09:00 AM

    Sri Lanka is a small country with a lot of debt that expensive luxury vehicles can not afford. Take an example of India. There are only Ambassador Limousines or Tata Jeeps for politicians and officials. Nor can it be justified that well-off persons do not have to pay duty on their private vehicles.

    TJ Saturday, 25 March 2017 09:08 AM

    When we are compelled to pay 300% duty, why do they want luxury vehicles. Let them use Micro cars until the economic situation improves

    dham Saturday, 25 March 2017 09:46 AM

    Apita koheda bool ballo luxury caes and vehicles for just deliver talks via DM Android App

    Palitha Galapitiya Saturday, 25 March 2017 10:35 AM

    When budget proposal brought forward to abolish this system everybody objected.....Now what ....? (It is better give them motor bikes or push bikes)

    amir Sunday, 26 March 2017 02:57 PM

    Please stop this nonsense. Politicians should know the country's economy more than us. Do they really need expensive cars to serve poor people. MS-RW please do not allow this to happen.

    willows Saturday, 25 March 2017 10:55 AM

    let us see who are these mongers, and at next election just try to not to vote them - black list them from entering Parliament?

    Bala Saturday, 25 March 2017 11:05 AM

    i propose tha tall govt vehicle have a separate number plate with XXXorZZZ series in yellow background and all vehicles with duty free permits with red background to show the blood drawn from tax payers for these vehicles.

    Kosala Saturday, 25 March 2017 11:14 AM

    Please take a leaf from Indian politicians. via DM Android App

    sara Saturday, 25 March 2017 11:46 AM

    House must give top priority for this urgent need of our rulers who make lot of sacrifices to save the poor mases of this country.

    SL Saturday, 25 March 2017 12:12 PM

    yes we will pay tax.

    Mano Saturday, 25 March 2017 12:23 PM

    Bloody curse .!

    Mason Sunday, 26 March 2017 06:34 PM

    This money would be better spent providing scholarship to worthy students and/or building houses for the needy. Unworthy are the Ministers to be pampered with luxury vehicles, which we can ill afford.

    Bonny Saturday, 25 March 2017 12:25 PM

    Same wine different bottle. Tax payers in big sh.t.

    Hi Saturday, 25 March 2017 12:27 PM

    Public is father and these politicians are their sons and daughters , let them enjoy. A father can not deprive his children of a comfortable life.

    Vivek Saturday, 25 March 2017 12:39 PM

    Are you kidding me? This is the biggest joke I've read in a while. Why would the Sri Lankan people pay more so that our ministers, who basically rob us regularly in the name of tax,can live luxurious life? Use the train, Tuk or even your ctb bus service to travel. That's how your bosses (the public) travel on a regular basis. That's how European ministers travel. You work for us, not the other way around. If you travel by bus or Tuk for a week, you will understand how much change the country needs. From old vehicles causing pollution of all sorts to beggars on the streets. Yahapalanaya hasn't changed anything. The new government caused more corruption but only good thing is that we get to speak about it freely. Other than that, more expenses and lesser and lesser FDI. People don't want to invest in Sri Lanka because when they want to invest, the government asks for additional and unethical documents and investments. PLEASE WORK FOR THE MONEY YOU EARN AND STEAL, ATLEAST FOR A YEAR.

    John Fernandez Saturday, 25 March 2017 12:42 PM

    Thanks for the Ya Ha Pa Lanuwa given to us. Enjoy everything while we curse.

    Vipin B Saturday, 25 March 2017 12:57 PM

    There were so many (nearly new and luxury) vehicles left unclaimed by the previous government. Why cant the parliament reach a decision to give these vehicles to current MPs having done any updates to these vehicles if required. The government is on the verge of bankruptcy - so why spend so much money for new vehicles when exceptionally good vehicles are there for the taking.There are so many problems in the country that requires immediate attention and funds to address. Please set a good example by setting an example from the top. Let us stop wastage. This is a crime. MPs are members appointed by the people to serve them.Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln

    andycap Saturday, 25 March 2017 01:08 PM

    Hey why don't they ask Perpetual Treasuries for the money.....

    Mason Saturday, 25 March 2017 01:16 PM

    Every time a new government is elected, the Ministers etc are provided new vehicles and the other MPs duty free permits for them to sell. What had happened to the vehicles used by the previous Ministers appears to be no concern of the newly elected representatives.We are told that the Country is is in dire straits, not being able, even to meet the loan repayment instalments.This expenditure is for the Ministers luxury travel and NOT for any other WORTHWHILE purpose, or may be to prevent them from JOINING the OPPOSITION.Do the elected representatives have NO CONSCIENCE.

    DHA Saturday, 25 March 2017 01:27 PM

    Indeed true Ajith....we only have to accept the blames ourselves....

    Rohan Saturday, 25 March 2017 02:27 PM

    People must take stern action to defuse this governing system. Only viable option at present situation is to give power to JVP at the next election.

    DJ Saturday, 25 March 2017 03:14 PM

    These fat morons should be given bicycles judging by the status of the economy

    Jim Saturday, 25 March 2017 03:23 PM

    Bribing to prevent them crossover

    api modai Saturday, 25 March 2017 03:39 PM

    1st think we have to appreciate this government about the transparency and disclosing these expenses to public which was not done by MR regime and most of them used more expensive vehicle than this.secondly, there is no war in SL at present and the Gov. no need to buy luxury vehicle and obviously Gov vehicles are free of tax and why they want to spend so much, if tax 82m will be around 250m. THIS IS DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, they deserve 3m-10m worth of vehicle that come tax free. WE SHOULD OBJECT STRONGLY ON THESE MATTERS.

    Kaleel Saturday, 25 March 2017 04:19 PM

    We have a high literacy rate

    haris Saturday, 25 March 2017 04:27 PM

    There was a time that RW travel by BARA KARATHTHE.

    naj Saturday, 25 March 2017 04:58 PM

    daylight robbery via DM iOS App

    sss Saturday, 25 March 2017 05:59 PM

    do rupees buy these cars ? Oh no this will be converted to housemaid earned dollars

    Sincere Saturday, 25 March 2017 06:09 PM

    Hurrah!!!! Day by day Yahapaalana promises given to us are being fulfilled! How fortunate we are!!!

    Ganesh Saturday, 25 March 2017 06:17 PM

    Do they have any conscience ? Are we a developed nation ? What did the President and minister Rajitha say when they left the looting and blood sucking former regime ? How many students drop out from schools yearly due to lack of money ? These are the real cunning robbers while Rajapakshas were robbing openly . There will be devine retribution at the curse of the poor by invoking curse on those who decided to fleece the people

    concern Friday, 24 March 2017 08:24 PM

    All fault of the previous government as usual !

    Nahfees Friday, 24 March 2017 08:23 PM

    Day light robbery of the tax payers. via DM Android App

    Ajith Friday, 24 March 2017 08:27 PM

    Oh, here we go again. These politicians are all the same. Very few exceptions. Then again, we deserve it since we are the people who vote to them and send them to parliament. Very pathetic situation.

    WISE DONKEY Friday, 24 March 2017 08:28 PM

    Already they claim they can sell these vehicles. What about giving them some three wheelers, that will provide easy contact to the public. Late W. Dahanayake always traveled by train to and from Galle. In Galle I have seen him using rickshaws......

    change Friday, 24 March 2017 08:27 PM

    this is our tax money we work hard daily and pay taxes on our salaries medical insurance and these ministers use that money to buy super luxury vehicles after doing nothing to the country what Yahapalanaya is this via DM Android App

    ceylon Friday, 24 March 2017 08:35 PM

    what work these parlimentarians do for these facilities . via DM Android App

    Banda Friday, 24 March 2017 08:37 PM

    It is high time to put a stop to these things. Instead of striking for every shit, people from all parties should rise up and show this is not to be tolarated any more. Enough is enough!They Rob the Sri Lankan people

    Sambo Saturday, 25 March 2017 06:42 PM

    Here we go as usual. The government is asking the public to be patient and tighten their belts and selling our land to China as they don't have the money to pay back the loans taken. But these so called minister wants luxury vehicle to the tune of millions and millions to do what. They just need power and luxury on the poor mans account and cares less of the poor man who gives it to the. What a country?.

    MP Friday, 24 March 2017 08:57 PM

    Nothing is permanent in this world. So there is an end to everything one day. Be prepared for that.

    Sid Friday, 24 March 2017 09:28 PM

    Nothing has changed!

    The Marketer Friday, 24 March 2017 09:43 PM

    If you cant beat them, join them :)

    Shan Friday, 24 March 2017 10:15 PM

    Politicians never love the country, they like only luxurious life. All our parliamentarians are greedy selfish beggars.

    Sofia Friday, 24 March 2017 10:21 PM

    They could have put up 75 housing units and settled 75 families iinstead of callous euphoria for six ministers and leader of the opposition..

    Sam Friday, 24 March 2017 10:22 PM

    It has changed a it, they are asking for approval now!

    palitha Saturday, 25 March 2017 09:24 PM

    It is ok. Who gives money?

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