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Tridosha-based Ayurvedic body types

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Understanding your own Ayurvedic body type would help you do an introspection so that you would be able to rectify the shortcomings in your own behavior and thereby improve your relations with others while maximizing your productivity.   

In the two previous articles on the above subject we explained the characteristics of Pitta and Vata subjects. We propose to deal with the traits and the behavioral pattern of Kapha (phlegm) subjects in this article.  



Traits of Kapha subjects
Kapha is represented by the planets Jupiter and Venus and the signs they rule. 

Venus rules Taurus and Libra and Jupiter Sagittarius and Pisces. So, the Kapha people are those influenced by Jupiter and Venus and the signs ruled by them. 

Moon also displays the Kapha traits depending on the sign and the House it is placed.



Intelligent and quick-witted
Kapha people are intelligent, quick-witted, far-sighted and sharp-minded.  They are calm and quiet and are slow to react – at least to show their true feelings. They are generally cheerful but their behavior greatly depends on the company they have to keep. They are soft-spoken and even-tempered. You cannot expect an outburst of anger or any other emotion from a Kapha subject.



Big-made and slow moving
Kapha people are usually heavily built and move about rather slowly. They are strong. They generally have an oily skin and a good head of hair. They are not heavy eaters. When their Vata and Pitta colleagues have taken two meals, Kapha would have taken only one meal. Because they do not have a high appetite. Besides, they like to be on a diet to keep their weight down. 



Methodical and steady   
Kapha people are methodical, steady and they pursue their goals with commitment. They are loyal and dependable. Their stability and dependability inspire a sense of confidence in their peers and subordinates and produce a calming effect on the work environment. 

They know how to get their work done by their subordinates by applying the least pressure or compulsion. 



Kind-hearted and considerate
Kaphas are kind-hearted and considerate people.  They harbor deep feelings which they seldom exhibit. 

Vata people often take a liking to calm and quiet Kapha people.  However, Pitta subjects find Kaphas too slow and calculating. 



Dislike cold, prefer a quiet environment
Kapha people dislike the cold. They like to live in a Spring-like clime where the weather is not either too cold or hot. 
Kapha people like to work in a quiet work environment where there is no hustle and bustle and everything is steady and things work to a clock-like regularity.
They like to a do a steady job and do not like to move from one to another at regular intervals.



Not after quick money
Kapha people are not after making quick-money. They are quite happy with a regular income which can keep them going without difficulty. As they are usually conservative in their outlook, they would follow well-established methods in saving money or making investments. 



Positive traits 
Kapha people are generally thoughtful and caring.  You can depend on their help in an emergency though they would be a little slow to act.  They are friendly, comforting and hospitable. 



Negative traits
Kapha people are often lethargic. They sleep longer hours than the Vata and Pitta people. They are relatively less innovative and creative. They do not like to change for the better their habits or even the things they use.   


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