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Traits and behavioural patterns of Tridosha-based Ayurvedic body types

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- Part 2



We explained in our previous article that according to Medical Astrology or Ayurveda, the existence of Three Doshas (Humours) Vata (Wind), Pitta (Bile) and Kapha (Phlegm) in a state of harmony assures the health of an individual. The imbalance of these Doshas resulting from increasing or diminishing one or more of these Doshas would cause some disease. 

However, one of these Doshas or Humours dominates every person which has led ancient sages in India to categorize individuals under three Ayurvedic body types, depending on the kind of Dosha that dominates each of them, as a Vata, Pitta or a Kapha subject. 



Ayurvedic body types
We also pointed out in the previous article that categorizing individuals under these three Ayurvedic body types assumes significance since the body type of an individual has a direct relationship with the latent traits and the behavioural pattern of that individual.

 It should be remembered in this context that the planets influence the Three Doshas of an individual and the planet or the planets influencing a Dosha also influences the traits of that individual. 

Understanding the Ayurvedic body types of your co-workers, your superiors or subordinates would help you deal better with them in your workaday affairs for you would know the behavioural pattern you could expect from them. 



Benefit from knowing one’s Ayurvedic body type
Understanding your own Ayurvedic body type would help you do an introspection so that you would be able to rectify the shortcomings in your own behaviour and thereby improve your relations with others while maximizing your productivity.   

In the previous article we explained the characteristics of Vata subjects. We propose to deal with the traits and the behavioural pattern of Pitta subjects in this article.  



Traits of Pitta subjects
Pitta subjects take on the traits of fiery planets Sun and Mars and those of the signs they rule viz: Leo, Aries and Scorpio respectively. 

Pitta gives rise to heat and transformation. Pitta subjects evince much zeal and enthusiasm about whatever work they undertake. 

They are fired with singleness of purpose and are result-oriented. They are resolute and ambitious and pursue their goal with commitment. Pressure and challenges keep them braced for action because of their fiery nature. 

The clear sense of direction, concentration and dynamism carry Pitta subjects to success. They are real go-getters. 

Pitta subjects like to have Vata subjects as their subordinates.   



Behavioural Pattern 
Pitta people like to have Vata subjects working under them solely because of their confidence they could easily dominate the latter. However, Pitta people concede peer status to Kapha subjects whom they look on as friendly and trustworthy partners. Pitta people like the calmness and sobriety of Kapha subjects, but not the latter’s lethargic and care-free easy nature.

However, two Pitta subjects cannot get along well together. They seldom make good partners. Two Pitta subjects are like two belligerent characters who may fight over a minor difference. 
Pitta subjects find themselves comfortable in cool climes.  They tend to feel uncomfortable in hot places. They prefer to live in an ambience where there is life.  They would suffer boredom in the absence of challenges, stimulation and space for quick changes. They need work that keep them busy and active. They prefer jobs that involve much travelling and outdoor activity. 

Pitta subjects are liberal in spending money, but they would not squander. However, they have to learn to live within means – within a strict budget. They are prepared to take on executive responsibilities because of their self-confidence and sense of adventure. 

Pitta subjects are of medium body weight and build. They are prone to skin rashes and ulcers. They have a good appetite. They are particular about keeping their physique in good shape and in a sound condition. 

Pitta subjects are capable of taking quick decisions and quick actions. They can work under pressure. 

Pitta subjects are hot-tempered and impatient. They may quickly lose interest in a job they take on hand with much enthusiasm. They often act in haste throwing caution to the four winds. 
(To be continued) 


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