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Wearing a long face after being rebuked!

18 Sep 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Green purohita Mangie, now a strong backer of Punchi Dasa’s candidacy for the top office had the other day aired a grievance to the grey-haired leader of the Northern main alliance.

He had complained to the Northern veteran that Thiran looked on as their party’s mastermind, was making manoeuvres designed to tilt the alliance’s support in favour of a weak Green aspirant to top office. He had pointed out that the alliance’s backing to the weak Green aspirant would place the candidate from the R-family at an advantage. The Northern alliance leader had immediately sent for his protégé Thiran and inquired from him whether he was holding any negotiations with the Green party leadership and warned him not to make any move in regard to the big poll on his own without consulting the alliance leadership. Hurt by the leader’s rebuke, young Thiran who has got into a grim mood is said to be giving a wide berth to his leader these days, they say.


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