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Slandered through the Facebook!

07 Aug 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Fast bowler Mali the other day said adieu to ODI cricket. Several political leaders attended the farewell accorded to the cricketer. Some of them received a warm welcome from the large crowd of fans present on the occasion. However, the reception some others received was not complimentary to them.  



While addressing the gathering at the conclusion of the tournament, Mali remembered gratefully some persons who had inspired and encouraged him during his cricketing career and made a special mention about the former strongman as one who had greatly helped him when he was going through a bad time. The crowd greeted with applause the glowing tribute he paid to the former strongman. 

However, a politico – a former purohita in charge of sports – reacted with anger to the tribute that Mali paid the former strongman. By the way, he is now holding a high office in a certain political party. This politico later had severely criticized Mali for profusely thanking the former strongman and for forgetting to say something good about him. 

Soon after, Mali had become a target of vitriolic attacks by several persons on the Facebook. 

Some people had later identified the person behind the cowardly FB slander on Mali. And Mali has decided to confront this person sooner or later, they say.