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Securing a national list seat!

27 Nov 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

The Greens met the other day to hold a ‘post- mortem’ examination on the big poll results.



Most participants were very emotive when expressing their views.   

Saji who was in the race was conspicuous by his absence at this meeting. However, his intimates who were present, analyzing the results adduced their reasons for the defeat. Meanwhile, some criticized Saji and some others the Green leader.  

The Green leader was quietly listening to all the views all the time.  

The discussion was getting heated up when Fonny whom Saji introduced as his Defense purohita from his campaign platform took the floor to articulate his take on the poll result.  
“There’s no sense in blaming the leader!” he said.   

“He promised the vote from the North and he kept his word! What happened to the grassroots level vote from the South? Didn’t all our efforts go awry…? Remember, the cure for the headache is not cutting the neck!”  

Pin-drop silence ensued his warning!  

Later, a Diyawanna member seated in a rear row had whispered into the ear of his colleague from Gampaha: “Fonny has secured his seat from the National List!”