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Scared by the threat of repeat action!

10 Jul 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

A very senior Green top team member the other day accompanied a special religious delegation to the office of a very high political authority.



The high authority warmly welcomed the delegates and gave them a good hearing. Later he took the top team member to a side for a private pow-wow. It was mainly to convey his displeasure at the proceedings of the select committee probe into the Easter Sunday carnage. 

He had charged that this probe was designed to attribute the blame for the incident to him. 

The high authority had angrily told the top team member: “I know the people who are behind this exercise…” and warned: 

“If this state of affairs continued, I would be compelled to repeat the kind of action I had to resort to on an earlier occasion…” 

Frightened by this severe warning the top team member had made a beeline to the other palace, they say.