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Poor relation -treatment intolerable for them!

19 Feb 2020 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

A group of Blue organizers had the other day called on the party boss with a long tale of woe. 



Their main grouse had been that the Pohottuwa counterparts were treating them like dirt. “We can’t contest with Pohottuwa. We have to go it alone and have already informed the secretary about our problems,” they had told the boss. 

However, the boss had advised them to be patient. “Don’t get agitated! They can’t win without our support!” had been his stock response to their complaints. 

As the group walked out after the meeting, one of them had told another loud enough for all to hear: “hariyanne ne, machang! Wena thanak hoyagamu! (It won’t come right! Let us look for an alternative!)”