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Listening to saner counsel?

26 Feb 2020 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

A certain high post holder in the Green party decided the other day to give up his post. He is known to be a loyalist of the Green leader.His decision to quit his post followed accusations by Saji’s intimates that he was obstructing the party leader’s attempts to solve the internal problems. 



Hurt by these accusations which he protested were baseless, he had told his buddies that he had no heart to continue in the post and proposed that Karu be invited to succeed him in the high post. 

Meanwhile, on hearing this news a bigwig in the new regime had expressed his surprise and given a phone call to the unhappy Green politico. 

Asked whether he was going to resign his party post, the Green politico had replied in the affirmative. 

The government bigwig, a politico well-schooled in the rough and tumble game of politics, had explained to the Green colleague the kind of fate in store for him if he stepped down from his post. 

A few days later the Green politico had informed the party leader that he had changed the idea to resign!


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