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His win, a foregone conclusion?

28 Aug 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

There is a minor political party leader who has made it a habit to address a prominent aspirant to top office as ‘Janadhipatitumani’.

This aspirant to top office had been in for a surprise recently when this minor party leader addressed him as ‘Janadhipatitumani’. Asked why he was being addressed by a title-name he was yet to earn, the party leader had said: “Sir, we closely move with the ordinary people and we readily feel their pulse…Going by the public opinion, you are already the Janadhipati of our country!”

Later, the party leader, who has been active in politics in the North for a long time had apprised the top office aspirant of the issues concerning his community.  

Even his parting words had been: “Good Bye! Janadhipatitumani!”




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