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He foresees a gloomy future!

27 Nov 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

They all had gathered at a big posh official residence in the city for an important discussion the other day. Holders of top office in the political party, several other seniors and former governing ones were among them.



They were working out the roadmap for the party’s future and everyone was making his contribution to the discussion. However, they all soon observed that one person among them was just listening without expressing his views. It was Dumi from Rajarata, who was playing the silent listener. He seemed to be in deep contemplation.   

At this stage, several participants invited Dumi to have his say on matters under discussion.   

Then Dumi opened up. “Well, I have nothing big to add to what you are saying…As for the upcoming general poll, I can foresee what is in store for us…”   

“Why hesitate…? Come out with what you have to say!” the others egged him on.   

“Okay! Then listen! At the coming poll, our party’s strength will come down to five seats!”  

Grim silence greeted his bold statement!