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Fortune hunter in action again!

19 Feb 2020 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Fortune hunters are a breed that appear on the scene whenever a new government takes office. 



Most of them do pre-planning so that they could bargain for some high office from a position of strength. They would form a political party or some organization as a façade for their fortune-hunting. 

There is a certain character who got around the former strongman for personal benefits. He even made a public statement that he would offer the former strongman a house to live in after retirement. He later got close to yahapalanaya and secured a big job overseas. 

When the man had to return home later minus the big job, he staged a publicity circus by entering the big race. 

However, his fortune-hunting has not ended with the big race adventure!

Knowing that his wiles are not strong enough to woo the Number One in the new regime, the man is said to be planning now to get close to him through the good-hearted Number Two, they say.