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A storm in a teacup!

22 May 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

The proposed no-confidence motion against a certain top team member had triggered a controversy in the JO group, they say.



Some JO members had jumped at the idea while some others had opposed it saying that the motion would end up by only producing ‘one or two new heroes. Even Ranji from the gem city had not been happy about this move. This had led to some members even to take a head count of those in favour of the motion. 

Meanwhile, some JO members had proposed that they should act in regard to this motion in such a manner as to gain the lion share of the credit. Bickering had ended when the opposition chief, the former strongman had suggested that they should as a group, arrive at a decision on the motion. 

By the way, they say now it is the Green party members who have been placed in a dilemma over the proposed motion.