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A ban on mobile phones?

22 May 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Video footage of an argument that had broken out at the Green party Diyawanna group meeting had gone into the Facebook the other day. The party leadership had immediately launched an investigation to find out who had leaked this video footage. 



Everyone had started guessing who was behind leaking the video that went viral on the Facebook, but it had taken a few weeks to trace the ‘reporter’ – a young Diyawanna member hailing from a distant area close to Rajarata.

It later had come to light this young member had on an earlier occasion too had posted a video about a party bigwig on Facebook while accompanying him on a journey. 

Now that the party leadership had tracked down the ‘reporter’, they have decided to prohibit members from carrying mobile phones with them when attending the group meetings.