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SL-Tibet ties to be developed

14 Jun 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

By Kelum Bandara 
A top Tibetan official who is in the country stressed yesterday the importance of fostering bi-lateral ties with Parliament of Sri Lanka for mutual benefits. Cheng Siqu, who is the National People’s Congress (NPC) member of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, is leading a delegation in Sri Lanka at the moment on the invitation of Secretary General of Parliament Dammika Dasanayake.  
Mr. Cheng told a news conference organised by the Chinese embassy said that Sri Lanka had consistently supported one China policy and China’s policy on Tibetan region. He said his office had high regards for Sri Lanka’s support.   
Commenting on the Tibetan region, he said tourism is the pillar industry. Asserting that Tibet had developed well over the years, he said life expectancy had increased from 35.5 to 70 as of now. He noted that there was religious freedom guaranteed in the region, and the majority Buddhist community coexists peacefully with Catholics and Muslims. The NPC is the Parliament of China. It has different bodies at provincial and city level.