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Annual Nikini Pooja Ceremony at Munneshwaram

12 Aug 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

By Lalith Navaratna   

The Board of Trustees of the Munneshwaram Sri Ishwara Maha Devale, Chilaw said that the annual Nikini pooja ceremony was scheduled to start on August, 17  at 12.00 noon, after ‘Kap’ planting.   

It is said that the functions of this historic Devale which are being carried out from the Rama-Ravana era are respected by all devotees irrespective of caste, creed or ethnicity.   
The ceremony ends after the traditional water cutting ceremony that takes place at the Deduruoya in Chilaw  on September 12,  at the auspicious hour of 12 noon and after the devotees parade the streets in a procession the event comes to a close on the 15th .   

In the meantime, there are various special poojas that take place in the premises of the Devale. According to the security forces all infra-structure facilities have been provided for the people who come in their thousands.   

Special Peraheras and Deva poojas are scheduled to be held on the following days:   

Kataragama Vishnu Perahera and pooja ceremony on September 6, Fire walking ceremony on 7th, Bhikshadana Perahera and pooja ceremony on 8th, Nadeswaraa Perahera and ceremony on 9th, Ramba wideema and pooja ceremony on 10th, Maha ratha Perahera and pooja ceremony on 11th, Water cutting and pooja ceremony on 12th and final Mangala ceremony on 15th.