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You were a larger than life personality

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It has been two years since the passing away of my Uncle Milroy Alles on July 1. Fond memories of you as a lively, cheerful and jovial person will never fade away. We could never forget how we broke up laughing when you cracked jokes which knew no bounds. Your winsome smile, humour and humility softened stony hearts and melted malice and ill-will in some, as wax. 

You were light-hearted, but always in high spirits even when the going got tough. You never failed to entertain others as an exuberant youngster; even when you were not in the best of health. You cherished partying and merrymaking with your buddies, kith and kin. We could picture you relaxed and refreshing yourself with the pipe; your indispensable companion. 

You were a larger than life personality on and off the pitch, but yet tender and mild-mannered. 

Laughter and liveliness accompanied you all throughout a life which was well spent beyond the three-score and ten, biblical years. 

That explosive whistle which no one could outdo not only kept the ball rolling, but also was a wake-up call to alert your office colleagues of the arrival of a good-looking customer. Loyalty to the family and work were cardinal virtues to you. 

You were submissive, compliant and toed the line, but at times played ‘monkey tricks’ to convince your wife. 
Nature was part and parcel of your life, so much so that your house was a mini zoo of bipeds and quadrupeds. The neigh of the ponies and the tweet of birds were nothing short of a nature park. 

You were a good and God-fearing father and was looked up to by your children as a model that stood tall and never retreated in the face of confrontation, danger and adversity. You never side stepped responsibility, but accepted them boldly as a valiant warrior. 

Your simple, but unwavering faith in God helped you endure trials and tribulations. Leaving home in the wee hours of the day to attend Mass before signing in for work assisted you to accomplish the task entrusted to you with a touch of class; leaving no room for complaints. 

You were dear and near to the ‘Blessed Mother’ having the Rosary beside you hooked on to the chair you sat to recite her beautiful prayer. Your wish to see her on that beautiful shore will certainly be granted. 

“When you are a good person you don’t lose people, people lose you.” 


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