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Though we are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, an uneasy calm pervades not only our country but every other country that has also dealt with the horrible virus systematically, carefully and with their eyes wide open.  Post COVID-19 has left behind many horrors, the horror of unemployment, the slashes in income that compel us to live frugally, sometimes even forgetting that there is a tomorrow.  In the hi tech schools the children have had to study and do exams ‘On Line.’  The numerous people who are compelled to take whatever they can get, sometimes merely to survive.  The horror, the fear of what next, living in the minds and hearts of so many, so very many is inexplicable. How can we even begin to cope with all this?

We have to free our hearts and minds from hatred and worry; learn to live simply concentrating on the simple things in life, food, clothing, entertaining.  Most importantly we must learn to give more and demand less.  Perhaps there was a time when we even expected miracles in our lives, but sadly the horror and ruin that POST COVID has wreaked is too dire to even contemplate. No one no matter how big or small, how powerful, how rich, no one just no one can go back and make a new start.  We can only start now, be thankful for the gift of life itself, for what is more precious than that and strive not to let COVID-19 destroy us completely.  We have to keep striving and working towards a brand new life.

You know when we take time to think about it, God did not promise us life without pain, laughter without sorrow and sun without rain!  Oh no, God did say, He promised that He would give us the strength we need for the day; we can be certain that we will be comforted in our sorrow and pain and there will always be light for our way.  We need to adopt a new attitude, just so we don’t disappoint ourselves - yes, not disappoint ourselves.. We need to view disappointments as stumbling blocks that slow us down, they are necessary to keep us in line, to help us to stop and see what direction we are heading. When we feel disheartened and down, because nothing worked out, why don’t we try to remember that God has probably thought of something better for us?  In all the difficulties and fatalities of life, let us learn to view everything, whether they are good or bad and learn that there is a purpose in all of it.  Perhaps certain events take place to teach us to slow down and take a good look at ourselves, see if we like what we find there.  At other times, we just have to remember that we have forgotten how to laugh at ourselves, life is constantly teaching us lessons either to laugh more or not to cry too hard.  We spend too much time prevaricating, spend too much time on how to get to where we are heading.

In the aftermath of the current pandemic, so many have been left jobless and are disheartened, distraught, some are even overwrought by the weight of responsibility - how to look after their homes, their children, their day to day living; in short ‘how to live?’  This is the burning question!! It would be different if we live in a world where there is sincere care, thoughtfulness, concern for those who do not have or who have been deprived and rendered destitute by the pandemic tentacles.. The burning question is what do we do?  Even if you want a job there are no opportunities, so where do we go and who do we turn to?  The other question: Is there anyone to turn to other than Almighty God?

"In the aftermath of the current pandemic, so many have been left jobless and are disheartened, distraught, some are even overwrought by the weight of responsibility - how to look after their homes, their children, their day to day living; in short ‘how to live?’

We  wonder if it would be possible even now, for people to take a wider view?  Would they be able to stop and look at others through the eyes of others?  When would those who have be actually able to feel the hunger pangs of the have nots?  When would the children who have everything, everything be able to sit and stare at a poor beggar child who does not even have a slipper on his foot?  I remember watching a video clip where a beggar was tying old cardboard boxes to his feet to avoid them getting bruised and burnt and a small boy travelling the luxury of his father’s car saw this.  The child went home ran to his till took out the money and made a dash to the nearest shoe shop where he bought a pair of slippers and ran all the way to the beggar to give it to him.  The boy’s father, not knowing where the child was went out in the car looking for him and saw him under the tree with the beggar.  The child’s face was radiant, so the father got down to take a look and saw what his son had done.  Sadly, these are just isolated incidents which happen too few and far between. The dire need for food, clothing and shelter has been magnified by COVID-19.  How many us can open our minds, our hearts, our purse to share with those who do not have?

In the world we live in today with all its  technicalities, all its petty ups and downs, all the glitz and glamour, the never ending partying, socializing and unending drama that we call life, do we ever stop to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, educate a child, help the elderly, provide shelter for the homeless.  It is indeed a phenomenal strata of want and destitution - the burning question is how to resolve it?
I wonder how many of you have ever been told by anyone how important you make them feel or how important you are in their lives?  Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to know that somebody out there is smiling about the love and compassion that you showed, which to them is sacred?  I also wonder how many times people have told you that when they were sad and in want, you made them smile; in fact, it made them glad? It changed their lives.  What a huge blessing!
Wouldn’t those be the priceless gems that you could carry with you not only in this life but also in the next?  Isn’t it something to think about?  Something truly worthwhile?



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