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From january 2020, the Dailymirror Health Capsule is introducing a column based on Ayurveda to give a better understanding about the curative values of eastern and ayurvedic medicine and how local herbs could be used to get rid of ailments and illnesses. 



Star fruit (Averrhoa carambola)
Known as Kamaranga in Sinhala, this fruit is found in both wet and dry zones in Sri Lanka and has both sweet and sour flavours. 

Benefits : Star fruit is recommended for those having diabetes and high blood pressure. Vitamins B and C are found in abundances in the bark and leaves and is therefore used to treat ailments resulting from various nervous disorders. 

It is also said to control obesity as its rich in dietary fibre, reduces inflammation, treats sore eyes, skin acne, lowers cholesterol levels and promotes a healthy glowing skin. 

Precautions : Although it has been classified as a fruit, Star fruit should be consumed after peeling the skin off its edges. This is due to accumulation of oxalate which could damage your kidneys as well as lead to the development of stones in your bladder. 

Home remedies : 
Angina : Prepare a decoction of Star fruit leaves and drink it twice a day. 

Asthma : Make an infusion of Star fruit seed powder and drink it twice a day. 

Insect bites : Apply Star fruit leaf paste on affected area. 

According to Ayurveda, one should refrain from over-consuming any sour fruit as it may disrupt the pitta cycle in the blood as blood tends to get warmer. 


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