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‘Maya’, a production by the Mind Adventures Theatre company, unfolded its great performance on 8th September, at the Lionel Wendt Theatre. The play was written and directed by Tracy Holsinger and the music direction was by Ruvin de Silva. The play opened with beautiful music produced by the cast themselves, making it an exceptional highlight that favoured the process of capturing the audience’s attention. 

The lighting, background music and sound effects succeeded in creating a vision of ecstasy that held the audience’s undivided attention throughout the performance. 

The costumes were quite striking, especially with the luminescent glow that made the dimly lit scenes even more dramatic. The play involved demonic women that were looked down on and discriminated by men. The most inspirational character ‘Maya’, who was the leading female role, sent strong and powerful vibes that portrayed women as clever, independent and powerful beings, despite the underestimation towards them. 

Maya builds up courage and determination to rescue the imprisoned queen of the land and to protect those she loved and cared for. Overcoming obstacles along the way, she continued her adventure which involved excitement, anxiety and sacrifice until the very end.

The fight scenes displayed great forms of martial arts and intense physicality that were filled with extraordinary energy and skills.





The joy brought about by the energetic dancing and celebrations infected the audience while the tense scenes created suspense in the minds of every viewer. With the use of magnificent props, realistic elements and trilingual dialogues, the cast was able to successfully send the audience on a journey of a wide range of emotions that included joy, trust, sorrow, fear as well as anger. 

Each and every movement that was taken by the actors were brilliantly executed and the facial expressions greatly emphasized the vibrant personalities of each individual.
The cast was indeed quite talented in many aspects. They managed to successfully get fully involved in all the scenes that included dancing, fighting and even running away.
The making of music with different instruments was an extraordinary sight to witness. The greatest instruments that stunned the audience were the melodious vocals of the actors who also contributed in creating the sound effects. The soothing chants echoed throughout the theatre, creating a heartfelt atmosphere.

The entire plot of the show itself was quite intriguing and seemed to whisk the audience away into the world of adventures, making their way through the chaos and destruction to achieve victory along with the characters on stage. 

Shedding light on feminism and courage, the cast of ‘Maya’ successfully ended the play with a well-deserved victory and great rounds of applause by the  audience. 
The fresh and original plot that included engaging characters and domineering motives, resulted in a realistic fiction in which women were honestly portrayed and given empowering roles.



The entire plot of the show itself was quite intriguing and seemed to whisk the audience away into the world of adventure...



Pics by Nisal Baduge 



After the play, a few people  shared their thoughts on ‘Maya’