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A chat with India’s Deputy High Commissioner

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Chatting informally to India’s Deputy High Commissioner Vinod Jacob over lunch, I was surprised to hear that there were 40 Syrian Christian Churches here in days of yore. I hadn’t even heard of one. When they left our shores, they had given them over to the Roman Catholic Church here. I also inquired after former Indian High Commissioner Taranjith Singh, who was appointed Indian Ambassador to Washington.  He has been hardworked since he got there with the pandemic and later riots stemming from a cop killing a coloured man. He did much during his tenure here to improve relations with India. His personality was such that he maintained good relations through all political borders which is a rare talent. Vinod  mentioned that Colombo was a favourite posting for Indian diplomats who love being here. I was also happy to hear that Prime Minister Modi thinks that former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is one of the best friends that India has in Sri Lanka. I know from my own friends there who travel great distances to hear Ranil whenever he speaks in India that he has a vast fan club and is much appreciated there. Vinod’s wife has just been appointed Deputy Head of Mission in Nepal.  Separation is one of the travails when both are in the foreign service but they were fortunate to have  been together in the same posting for several years.


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