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What the signs on the fingers say

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We have already discussed all characteristics of the Thumb and the significations of fingers relating to their shape, length and position in relation to one another. We propose to discuss here what the most common signs on the fingers signify.
  • The first phalanx of the first finger
1.Downward lines: Highly devoted to religion
2. Cross lines: Religious insanity
3.A cross: Dangerous insanity; sign of sudden death
  • Second phalanx
4. Clear and straight downward lines:
A sublime goal achieved with help from well wishers
5.A triangle: An astute politician
6.A square: Firm in purpose
7. A circle: An ambition achieved
  • Third phalanx
8.Straight vertical lines: Ability to control others
9. A square: Despotic disposition
10. A single line from the Mount of Venus: Violent death 
The first phalanx of the Second Finger
11.Cross lines: Suicidal insanity
  • Second phalanx
12. Cross lines: Stupidity; ignorance
13.A thick Cross line: Death due poisoning
  • Third phalanx
14.One or two vertical lines from the
Second to the third phalanx: Wisdom
15. One downward line not entering the Mount of Saturn: Military success
16. Many downward lines: Success in mining
17.  Many crossed lines: Solitary wretched life abandoned by friends
18. A square: merciless
19. A circle: Proficient in philosophy
(To be continued)


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