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What the signs on fingers say – Part 2

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The week before last we discussed what the signs on the first and second fingers signify phalanx by phalanx. In this article, we propose to discuss what the signs on the third and fourth fingers say.

Signs on the Third Finger

  • The First Phalanx

(1) Vertical lines: An artistic genius on the fringe of insanity
(2) Cross lines: Obstacles to a career in arts
(3) A triangle: Unexpected success



  • Second Phalanx

(4) A vertical line from the

  • Second phalanx to the third: Great fame

(5) Cross lines: Lack of talent
(6) A forked line: Efforts become fruitless due to lack of concentration
(7) A star: Exceptional talent
(8) A circle: A great success

  • Third Phalanx

(9) Several vertical lines: Setback due to persons of opposite sex
(10) Single vertical line: Happiness
(11) Cross lines: Ill-luck and persistent poverty
(12) A circle: Fame and fortune
Sings on the Fourth Finger

  • First Phalanx

(13) One vertical line

  • From the first phalanx to the 

base of the fourth finger: Success in scientific pursuits
(14) Vertical lines: Eloquence and flair for occult sciences
(15) Cross lines: A loquacious person; often a cheat or a liar
(16) A star: A great orator

  • Second phalanx

(17) One clear vertical line from the first phalanx to the base of the little finger: Success in scientific research
(18) A cross: Difficulties; imprisonment
(19) A triangle: Successful occult practitioner

  • Third Phalanx

(20) Cross lines: Thieving disposition
(21) A star Eloquence: wit
(22) A triangle: Diplomatic skills
(23) A grille: stupidity of the fifth rate thief; sometimes the stupidity of the victim